What I Found.

I did go to Vanborn, and Kaufman this is one of the buildings you will see if you are entering that neighborhood.

From the comment that was left here this is what that person was talking about, they have asked the Mayor for three years to take care of. I can’t imagine anyone of us wanting to see this every day.


2 thoughts on “What I Found.”

  1. I’ve been noticing more, and more buildings in the city, I would think that this is one thing that most certainly needs to be delt with pronto. We most certainly do not need the city looking seedy, we need to hang on to the good image we have always had in the city. Don’t give up go to the city council meeting if there is a property you should talk about it, then it will be on the record for the whole city to hear about. Go every council meeting if you have to, but by no means should you give up. The battle is not over, and once we start letting this run away from us, then there is going to be way to much to deal with. Some times a call is not enough, coming out in numbers showing the council, and the administration that we are looking, paying attention makes a differance.


  2. There are more than that building in this area that the city has been notified I should say the mayor. This is a loosing battle.


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