Found out what people are saying over at Detroit News about Traffic Tickets.

So many people leaving comments over at the Detroit News, about the traffic tickets one person is naming the revenue generating ticket program “cops on commission” no kidding see for yourself

This is all stemming from a law suit filed in Federal court some time ago here on the blog I wrote a post when the Mayor had meet with concerned residents about the home being broken into in their area. At that time they had asked the mayor to maybe let the police that are giving tickets come into their neighborhood and patrol. They were told no he could not do that because the city would loss revenue.

About a month ago Van Houten said she would like to see the over time cut down a little for the police department, the mayor replied if you cut the over time then you cut the revenue. She then pointed out that revenue is down all ready, the mayor without missing a beat said if you think its down now cut the overtime, and see how low it will be. There you go that was the end of the subject. I wrote about that exchange here on the blog, the way he said it just rubbed me the wrong way.


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