Whatever Happened To The Shovel Ready Plans?

Whatever happened to the plans for the new recreation center the plans that cost us the taxpayer $136,000.00? The shovel ready plans that the Mayor said the council had to sign off on right away so the city could get the stimulus money for the new recreation center.  Wonder if the Mayor has been talking to the “Obama team” lately. Remember those City Council Meetings when he was reassuring the residents that he was talking with the Obama team. Remember how he made sure the council was going to vote yes on giving the funds to pay for the shovel ready plans, well the shovel ready plans got shoveled right down our throats. Do any of you remember that?  We got shovel-ready for the tune of $136,000.00 just thought I would mention it considering that the council yet again was told that they had to pass something in a hurry because it was a great opportunity for the city, at least this time it did not cost us in the hundred thousand dollar range. Well, we have the plans for the next time if there is ever a next time to make the recreation center.  Hope some day we will have one, think it would be a great thing.


4 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To The Shovel Ready Plans?”

  1. Oh the money was spent to draw up the plans for the recreation center these plans had to be shovel ready to get stimulus money from the Federal Government. Never happened, we did not get the money to build, not sure why we would have gotten it in the first place this was suppose to be used for job creation to stimulate the economy, may have employed some people during construction, and some in the rec center, but not enough I would think to justify giving us the money. At any rate we did not get it for what ever the reason, to spend money from an all ready hurting city was not a good move. Wonder how many other communities had the same thing happen to them.


  2. So what happen to the money? Scare tactics go hand-in hand with the progressives political agenda.


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