You May Have Noticed..

You may have noticed that your taxes did not go down as much as the assessment said they would. Are you wondering why? For those of you that did not know it a millage increase was voted on by the council to cover ACT 345 pension, for the police department, and fire department.


Act 345 by the Numbers


2 thoughts on “You May Have Noticed..”

  1. Rose

    Did you want me to put both comments up here, they are the same. I put the one up, and did what you asked me to do with it.


  2. I am looking into the possible repeal through referendum of PA 345 for Dearborn Heights. When the people of Dearborn Heights passed PA 345 it was out of concern for the police and firemen of this city. Now it is being used as a tool by the city and the police and firemen against the very people who were looking out for their interest. The DROP program will cost the residents millions over the years by transferring city obligations to the taxpayers through increased millage under public act 345.

    This act should be repealed for any future attempts by this or any other administration for taking credit for balancing a budget and leaving the impression that it was there hard work. Transferring responsibility to the taxpayers through an increase in millage which requires subterfuge and not a vote of the people is dead wrong.

    Rose Bogaert, Chair
    Wayne County Taxpayers Association
    Resident of Dearborn Heights


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