360 that’s the number of flood claims filed with the city last I heard. If each one is settled for only $1,000.00 the cost to the city would be $360,000.00, are we looking at another hike in our water bills? How many people flooded and decided they did not want to deal with it again? While talking with some people they said they filed claims some with their insurance¬† companies, others with the city. So many that I talked to said they just did not want to go through it again. One woman said she is not going to fix her basement, she stripped it, put everything on shelving for storage. She went as far as talking down the sheet-rock walls down to the cinder block again. She said, “this way next time it floods I don’t have to think about it.”


2 thoughts on “360”

  1. I heard this from so many people, I tried to tell them that you should report it give the address, but people are afraid to do that, because they feel that they will not be able to sell their homes if there is even a report of flooding. There has to be a better solution to this problem then just file, report, pay, and increase our water bills. NO BAND AIDS we can not afford this any longer.


  2. I agree with this person I have done just about the same thing as we will not be able to sell our house with all these claims. I never got one cent from the city. When I tried to get the money for the sump pump the last time and I was told no as I did not let them know that I flooded but I did but —cant fight the mayors asst.,


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