Feet To The Fire…

The Mayor had his feet put to the fire at the last city council meeting, when a gentleman got up, and asked him what they had done about the areas that flooded last year. He went on to name several streets that flooded last year, and the Mayor assured them that he would take care of it. This gentleman called Wade Trim, a company that is hired by the city to investigate the problem, after talking with them he found out that the city never asked, or gave them a contract to do a study on the several streets that this man mentioned. While the city did spend 68,000.00 with Wade Trim to do a study, that study did not include the address this gentleman was referring to. Another lady and her husband had 8″ of water standing in her basement this was the third year in a row for them. They did file a claim, and the city did pay them, but the Mayor went on to say that they are studying their block. The first flood for these people was back in 07 we are now in 2010 three years later 3 floods later, and they are still looking into it.

This poor woman said give me a reason why I should stay, her husband asked to have things put up on the city website, suggestions of things they could do as home-owners. Nobody could give this woman a reason to stay in her home, and from what I could see the only reason they are staying in that home is because the market is so bad right now they will have to sell at a loss. Not to mention that with 3 claims on the house for flooding who wants to buy it, that’s what she said, and she’s right.  Yet someone else said ” you will not sit here, and insult my intelligence, what do you mean we are investigating to see if there’s a problem we are flooding so there is a problem.”

What about the description by so many that said it was like someone pulled out the plug or pushed a button, and all of a sudden swoosh the water was gone. So who was manning the pumping stations, or are they automatic? What went on that night, is there a detailed report. Who’s in charge during these types of things?


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