How Many Times Do They Have To Ask?

How many time does it take the city council to ask for something before this administration will comply? Try an infinite number of times, that’s how many.

Since April 27th the council has asked to have names put on the bills submitted by the lawyers who are working for the city. Names to indicate what case they are billing for, with so many cases right now in the city there is no way to tell what case they are billing for. Phone calls, faxes, emails, and meeting, for what case? The Mayor indicated at the April 27th meeting after councilwoman Van Houten pointed out that one attorney had been discussing a settlement and the rejection of that settlement with someone. That he would make sure that the names would be put on, again during the May city council meeting it was brought up, and yet again at the June 8th ccm (city council meeting.) When councilwoman Badalow again asked the Mayor to have the names put on the bills from the lawyers.

His answer as you can hear in the ccm was $%^&*EFJ&^&* and so on listen to the exchange. Then councilwoman Van Houten said “I’m not asking for personal information or details I’m asking for a name to go with the charge.”  Now they have to do a study session with Mr. Acho to ask for this, and I’m sure that will be on the clock, why are you so intent on hiding the reason for the charges Mr. Mayor? We all know that Acho, and corporation counsel are talking to attorney Bernard, the same attorney that is representing the assistant to the Mayor, and a former employee of the city. Bernard is talking with the city with regards to getting a settlement from the city for the former employee.

Ok so can we get on with this, and just for goodness sake give a name on the bill. Does this administration have to make everything a battle royal? You would think he would want to make sure that the council, the comptroller, and himself are signing off on legitimate expenses just to make sure that there is not a mistake on the bill. Well, what do I know just my way of looking at it. We wonder why it takes forever for something to get done, and why other things never get done. Well, this is a perfect example of just the way things are.

How about this, ah no Mr. Mayor I don’t accept your answer, and from now on if the lawyers that work, and get paid by the taxpayers of this city want to get paid they will do as we ask.

How’s That For Ya…

Oh, and just for the record corporation counsel had no problem putting, my name, and my husbands name on his bill when we filed a FOIA with the city. For that matter he put Patrick Peppers name when he filed a FOIA too, so why can’t he put Barnards clients name on his bill.


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