Some of you are upset with me because I’m not putting up your comments. There are several reasons that I will not allow a comment to be posted.

I will not let a comment go on this blog if it’s total gossip, another words some of you have left some horrible comments about certain employees working in the city. These comments have no place here, it’s nothing but innuendo and gossip. Some of these comments are so bad that I’ve been shocked by them. If you are going to be posting comments that imply that a certain someone is doing something with someone else don’t bother. It will not help to email me, and cuss me out, to call me names or any of the other stuff that you are doing. You can all so stop with the phone calls telling me how true what your saying is, and that I’m a sell-out. These kinds of nasty, gross comments have no place here, if you want to write about that kind of stuff start your own blog guys, and have at it.

The intention of this blog is to report, talk about, and post what is going on in the city. To be as truthful as possible, not to gossip about people who are working in the city or their personal lives. Leave the personal lives of these people out of it. If you have something constructive to say go ahead, if you have any information concerning the tax payers of the city great. Things that directly affect all of us in the city, none of us need to know who’s doing what with who, and where, and when. That’s not for this blog, I heard this or that about him, and her. Who cares like I said this is their personal life leave it alone, please.

Am I ranting, and raving here? Your damn right I’m day after day I’m getting these types of comments, and deleting them, only to get my head bit off for doing so. Someone said to me that maybe they are trying to set me up for a lawsuit, well give it up, these types of comments will not be put up here.

That’s all I have to say about that thank you.


4 thoughts on “Psssss…”

  1. I agree 100% You have integrity and that is how it should be,the purpose of this blog was not to gossip and throw trash around about people that can stay out of the blog this is a truth blog.The truth not gossip Thank you


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