Floating Employees,Borrowed Man Power, A City Trying To Get By With What They Got..

To quote Jack Franzil “Just trying to get by with what we got.” Jack said this at the end of his budget presentation. His department (Public Works) is down several workers, and the equipment is getting very old, and worn out. This is the department that cleans the roads in the winter just one of many things they do. Councilwoman Janet Badalow asked if filling one of the empty positions would help with the overtime? Not really he said because the overtime isn’t because they are short handed, it’s because of the hours they have to work. If it snows at night they have to come in, and remove the snow, same thing for big spring, and summer-time storms. Trees down, have to be cut, and removed from city property, and so on. When they need extra workers they borrow them from the DPW, and the Highway, department, and vice versa. It’s amazing to me that this department is getting done all that it does. This can be said about many of the departments in the city right now. The mayor is waiting for act 51 to come in, with these funds the mayor is planning on getting a new sweeper for the city they had seven  and are down to five.

The mayor mentioned many grants that he’s waiting on for funding, one of these grants will go towards helping pay for the two firemen that the city is short right now. The fire department put together a very detailed presentation, and they also are getting a grant to get a new piece of equipment. When all is said, and done the city fire department will be getting a piece of equipment that is worth 34,000.00 for a cost to the city of 3,500.00. They are going to need a new fire truck, but no way not right now, they do take very good care of the ones they have now.


2 thoughts on “Floating Employees,Borrowed Man Power, A City Trying To Get By With What They Got..”

  1. An addition to my last comment.After our streets were cleaned we had to get a shovel and shovel the dirt and junk from the trees as the sweeper just went down the sides and left .All the junk was left in the street and before the next rain so it would not clog the drains we shoveled is that the way they do the I don’t think so our last head of DPW would never have allowed this. Maybe the head of DPW should stay out of the mayors office and go check what his workers are doing and how well they are doing it.


  2. The streets are not swept that often in the south end Believe me as we clean the street in front of our own homes. We the tax payers try to do all we can .This city in the south end is disgusting. What was going on years ago when we had a different administration the street down here were swept every week .The last time DPW was asked to do something down here the answer was NO MONEY!!!! So we gave up. That why the good people here in this city are moving even if it means to rent their houses out.It is going to be city of renters . Please Mr. Mayor step down and let someone else step in that cares about us not your entourage we pay your wages but you do what you and your assistant want to do and it’s not for the better of the city just for you again I can not stress this enough THIS IS OUR MONEY


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