Everyone Open Your Budget Book, and Turn To Page…

So do you have your budget book out? Turn to page seven (7) (Revenues) of the budget if you would, now let me draw your attention to 610.000(Cable Comcast) 611.000 (Cable WOW), and 612.000 (Cable AT&T.)  The amounts coming in from these 3 are 475,000.00 Comcast, 220,000.00 from WOW, and 150,000.00 AT&T. These are the Mayors Proposed Budget for 2011, this money is supposed to go towards media since we do not have a media department the Mayor is in charge of this money. Now if it’s to go to media expenses, things like hey, new camera equipment, updating the sound system, update the studio that they record some of the city programs in. Ah doing a complete remodeling of the council chambers, after all, the city council meeting is taped. Hey, another idea adding more band width to the web site to show the city council meetings. Now the Mayor is proposing the expenses for cable television at $104.034.00 (pg. 10 # 51) total revenue for these 3 845,000.00 the difference is $740,966.00.

So Where is the money, how is it spent, if it’s only for media, and if you watch the city council meeting on t.v, or have been to the council  chamber, you can see that this money is not going to media.

Does this go back to the general fund, then what? how is it spent, on what? Details please if the money is put back into the general fund, find then it’s being used for many different things. Fine could you give a few bucks towards a few of these things Mr. Mayor, and add some band width to the city web site, could you give just a little for some updating the sound system in council chambers?


2 thoughts on “Everyone Open Your Budget Book, and Turn To Page…”

  1. I pulled Susan to run for city council, I’m in the process of getting signatures thank you so much for asking.


  2. Why Don’t you or someone from the city that you think is honest look into this and find what it is and where the money is going. Why doesn’t someone from your team run for something and fix all this stuff that is wrong in the city.


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