“Oh No You Didn’t”



There was a question during the April 27th city council meeting, about a law firm’s invoice to the city. The question was from councilwoman Margaret Van Houten I was just picturing her in my mind snapping her finger, and saying “oh no you didn’t.” She asked if the administration was offering settlements before they come before the council? This got me wondering since reading nobulls post about a certain someone who use to work for the city, and the fact that they are in negotiation with the city for a settlement.

So are the negotiations that Van Houten is referring to with that very same person, and is this being done behind the city council’s back? Yes it is, yes an offer was made, and then that offer was rejected. Was that offer for that very person, how the hell did they make an offer to anyone before they brought it before the council. Oh, Margaret, you did not press hard enough, and once again they are let off the hook in front of the taxpayers of this city.  Not sure what or who the offer was for, but an offer was made. Oh, and just in case you wanted to know how much this bill was one bill was $5,910.50 the other was $2,772.50 just one invoice from just one firm, for March only. Oh just to remind you they are supposed to give you a detailed bill, telling you what, and who the negotiation was for.

If that negotiation was taking place, and an offer was made in March. If that offer was for a certain someone who used to work in the city, that would mean that an offer was made less than one month after they left the city. Why is there such a rush to offer them anything?  Oh, this stinks, maybe I’m just thinking the worst, but there is something so wrong with that.


2 thoughts on ““Oh No You Didn’t””

  1. Most of us who have been reading about this from day one, or know people who work in the city, know who Van Houten was talking about. Anyone who has any sense could see the writing on the wall from day one what was going to happen. Mr. Mayor you would like to think that people are not talking about this, or that maybe just a few are upset by what you’ve done. Well how would you like to know that many of my friends think that you told this person to go ahead and sue the city. Once you start on that slippery slop, and you did the day you hired them, people will believe any thing is possible. Do I think you would out right encourage someone to sue, no I would hope not, I would like to think you haven’t sunk that far. I’ve never posted a comment here before, and I feel compelled to write something now, only because this situation has never been fully resolved. No matter who tried to get to the bottom of it, until today it’s not resolved. The council did not do their jobs, they tried once or twice only to be yelled at. A resident tried, only to be accused of costing the tax payers money, and yet this still hangs like a fog over the administration a smelly fog I must say. It’s no secret the Mayor has done things in the past, that many of us have questioned, we just did not know what we could do about it, or maybe we felt that we couldn’t do anything about it. Well this blog, and the people that come and post here, or write comments have shown us, or at least me that you can do something. It will be very interesting to see if once the law suite that the Mayor likes to hide behind is settled, will the council then act on what Mr. Abdel-Hak brought before it? That’s an open question to any city council member that would like to answer that.


  2. Very interesting. If it is for that “certain someone” – and I’m pretty sure it is – see what happens when you hire someone that shouldn’t have been hired in the first place? They had a nice job (going against the city charter) for over a year, receiving full benefits, which is also a no-no and then sues the city. Some people……


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