A Change Is Coming.

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Are we going to have the fines in the city raised? Well if the head of the Building & Engineering Dept has his way they will go up. If I understand what was being said during his budget meeting he wants to raise the fines on ordinance violations to raise funds to help his department pay for the repair of the cars. These cars are what he called  hand me downs, they are cars that other departments used, and they have been given to his dept. The ordinance officers drive them around town to search for violations in the city. If I understand what I heard he is asking the council to raise the fine, and to maybe change the way the tickets are given. Instead of getting a warning I think you will be getting a ticket right away. He’s looking to raise the cost of the inspection fee from 30.00 to 50.00, he said that he called many of the real estate agents in the city, and they are fine with this. I would like to point out that this was raised just last year,

I would like to point out that this was raised just last year apparently, the field inspectors are having to go to a property three separate times. While he is saying he wants to do this to help pay for the repair of the cars in his department, he only put down $2,500 in the budget for repair, and maintenance. While he told the council that on one car alone he paid 240.00 doing only the bare minimum for repairs on this car. On another car, he paid $ 260.00. in repairs, this brought the question from councilman Barron, as to why he is only putting $2,500 in his budget for repair, if he has paid this much already, he will run out in no time.

One thing I did not like was when the director of this dept, said that he did not repair the air condition on one of the cars, that this was not needed, and I’m wording it nicely how he said it was not so nice. Well, I would ask that you drive around in one of these cars all day in 90-degree temperatures in the middle of the summer, and see how you like it. Mr. Mayor maybe you would like to step in and tell your appointed department head that he should let them have AC, and no it’s not a luxury. If you want to find a way to cut in your department start with yourself.

This department has eliminated one position because Mr. Sobh is licensed to do this job too. So maybe you could give those part-time ordinance officers a break and fix the AC in the cars, after all, they are generating revenue for the city. Councilwoman Horvath asked about two properties in the city that she considers blight, on our community. The vacant lot next to Mexican Fiesta, and the Tuffy building. Mr. Sobh replied that a few months back the vacant lot got a ticket. Contractors called the city to ask about the repairs needed on the Tuffy building so mark the date he said that on April 27th 2010, let’s see if anything every gets done on it. I’ve said something here about this too, but I will not hold my breath to see if anything is going to be done with either of them.


7 thoughts on “A Change Is Coming.”

  1. Sammy

    Got some info for you, what they are giving out are civil infractions, they have to go to court to pay these. The charter would have to be changed in order to do what you asking.

    All so the fee that is $30.00, and might be raised to $50.00 is not for the C/O this fee is for a paper that is filled out so the person that is buying the home can take it to the closing. This paper lets the person who is going to buy the home assume the responsibility of any repairs that need to be done by the home owner, and that they will not occupy the home before a C/O is obtained. I was under the impression that this was for the 3 time that the inspector has to go out to a home for inspection of the C/O. No inspection is being done for this fee, they do not have to go look at the home, they are filling this out right at city hall. Good or Bad idea you let me know.


  2. Sammy
    Thanks so much for the info didn’t know all of that.
    I don’t have a problem with changing the way things are done, and if the inspector has to go out 3 times to an address for a C/O then the city should be getting some kind of money out of that. To cut court cost would be great, and if you want to rent out your house with out getting a C/O then you should be getting a fine, but lets make sure that goes to everyone, and not just the people who have a hook up in the city. From what I’ve been hearing some people are getting away with this because they know someone in the city, and their property gets by passed for this. Just something I’ve heard over the years.


  3. I don’t know if he was trying to be smart or what, he did present an idea to council about raising the amounts of the fines for ordinance violations. This he said was in order to pay for the repair, and maintain the fleet of old cars he has. Why doesn’t he allow more for this in his budget?


  4. Maybe the other part of the problem is that you have people in positions that they are just not qualified for. You have to have someone point out to you in your budget that you should allow more for something (vehicle repairs) when you are already working with what sounds like a depleted fleet? Come on already.


  5. Regarding the fines, The city needed to change the way they collect fines. Instead of issuing tickets for violations of say Certificate of Occupancy which is a $200 fine which is paid in court, the city would issue a city violation where by the violator would come to the city and pay the fine at the treasures office of $100. Paying the violation at the city would by pass the court and there costs. Ticket revenues from ordinance usually are split between the court and police department. Most tickets issued by ordinance are $200-400 per ticket. Ordinance also dismisses too many tickets in court for those that obtain a C/O registering a rental. Most people who violate the C/O ordinance won’t take care of it until just prior to the court date. If a person is accessed a local fine and he doesn’t take care of it a ticket would then be issued.


  6. Mike
    I couldn’t believe it when I herd the department head say it, and what was worse the fact that the Mayor did not step in, and say, no you should make sure you fix that. What’s going on in this city is screw the lowest on the totem poll, if your not sitting at the round table with the Mayor, your nothing. They are not asking for a pat on the head every time they do what they are paid to do, just to be treated fairly.


  7. Way to stand up for the little guy- in this case an ordinance officer “grunt” if you will, who is out working doing his jobs in a car without air. While not always hot here in southeast Michigan you damn sure bet if his highness’ air was broken (not that is an issue in a $700 a month executive protection level lease) it would be fixed in short order. What is going on in that city?


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