A Nice Job.

Note, the assessor is no longer working for the City and this service is now outsourced. Something the Mayor wanted to do years ago, but council voted it down. He finally got his way. 

There is one person that I would like to say something about. Tonight I went to the budget meeting two departments presented their budgets. The Assessors Office, and Building and Engineering, I was truly impressed with the director of the assessor’s department she has saved more than 50% of her budget by not going to a lawyer for every one of the reviews, and tribunals. They are taking care of these themselves, she also cut one job in her department and is using inters from a co-op program with Henry Ford Community Collage. They get 10.00 an hour and collage credit hours. When she uses her own car for traveling inside the city most often she does not even put in for a refund from the city. This department has two trucks, and they are used by the inspectors to take them to the address that they need to go to. They park, and walk, minimal mileage is being put on these trucks, and motor fuel for this department is budgeted for 250.00. I would like to say Nice Job, and keep up the good work I know it’s not much, and it’s just little old me saying good for you, but someone should say something so Thank You.


2 thoughts on “A Nice Job.”

  1. The Mayor did not say one word when she was finished, nor did the council. I felt very bad for her I thought she at least deserved a good job after she was done.


  2. You are giving credit to the head of this department for doing a good job, my question is did the Mayor do the same after she finished? Did one city council member say anything to her. It’s people like this person that are using everything at their disposal to make sure our budget is balanced.


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