Your Tax Dollar Used To Harass…

So what has our Mayor been up to? Well for starters did you know that your tax dollar is going to lawyer fees to harass a resident? Well let’s see what he’s done so far the Mayor spent your money on filing a TRO (temporary restraining order) he made sure to do this under the Hassane Jamal lawsuit against Zouher Abdelhak so he would not have to pay for it out of his pocket the TRO was denied this was done before he was re-elected.

Then Zouher received a subpoena asking for the tape of a city council meeting, that we did not have, and never took place the date that he asked there wasn’t a city council meeting.

Any recordings that we had for the Panara Bread meeting, he doesn’t have anything like that, and he did not understand why the Mayor would think he does.

The same subpoena asked if he ever received any documents from employees he never has, ever nor has he asked. Any documents that he has gotten has been from the city by FOIA.

A new subpoena was issued for Zouher to be deposed in the Hassane Jamal lawsuit, date yet to be determined.

Now a new letter was sent to Zouhers lawyer accusing Zouher of putting up some sort of fliers. Fliers that Zouher doesn’t even know anything about, and the Mayors lawyers failed to say what the content of these fliers are, or the location that they appeared.  This is all done to harass one of his own residents. To make matters worse the Mayor has told several people that Zouher should move out of the city, why don’t you Mr. Mayor move out of the city? If you are so up set with a tax payer speaking up, and demanding answers to what you are doing. Is this how you treat your residents who want to stand up for what is right? Is this how you Mr. Mayor respond to a taxpayer who wants to right some of the wrongs you have done.

This isn’t costing you a thing you don’t even pay taxes in this city, so why not waste the taxpayer’s money on this. What about the council do they not have to approve each invoice from every law firm that submits one to the city? Do they even know that the Mayor is unleashing this new weapon to harass one of its taxpayers? No wonder everyone in this city shuts up because trust me it’s not pleasant what happens to you when you speak up, and stand up, and say that’s enough!

I would ask the Mayor who is sending the treating letters to me at my home, and my place of business? We are not leaving the city Mr. Mayor, and we are not going to stop talking, and asking questions.  Everything we’ve done so far we’ve done in the open we didn’t hide behind anything. Zouher has spoken openly at city council meetings, I have put my name on this blog, and behind every post I write. On the other hand you Mr. Mayor, you hide behind the city lawyers and taxpayer money. How much has this cost the taxpayers, have no idea that’s something you should ask the council members maybe they know.


11 thoughts on “Your Tax Dollar Used To Harass…”

  1. I heard the other day that the Mayor has or is going to hire a lawyer to look into stopping this blog. I can’t say if this is true or not, but that is what people are talking about.


  2. Susan first would just like to say I took your last name off of your comment, unless you let me know it’s all right to put it up. Second sorry, but what are you talking about? did you put some comment on here that did not get posted? I didn’t see it maybe dearbornheights did not post it, I will email them, and ask.


  3. I didn’t think it would be posted…..I thought your blog could handle the truth….as long as it is not your team…get involved and run for somthing to make this city better


  4. f p

    I feel the same way, this has gotten out of control, as to your question this started when the Mayor hired someone to the city without following proper procedures to do so. If you look at some of the post from the past you will understand what is going on. Look on the right side of the blog scroll down to Dearborn Heights Truth Page Post you will see all the months listed from October of last year until this month. There are several very good post from dearbornheights, and myself on this subject.


  5. I am so confused with all this. This has become a soap opera.I am so sick of this mayor and the things he is doing,costing our city (us)It is be coming deeper and deeper. Someone please explain when did all this start?


  6. Sorry I think you miss understand me about the fliers these are not the same thing that your neighbor got. This is something different that is being put in places. We do not know what they are or in what place they are found, just a letter from the Mayors lawyer accusing Mr. Abdel-Hak of being the one who did it. Just thought I would clear that up.


  7. In My Opinion,

    I didn’t post anything about the Mayor’s divorce, and I nor my husband have no knowledge of what was sent to the residents. Mr. Abdel-Hak said at the council meeting that there may be a recording, because he believes the Mayor taped the meeting, I to this day do not believe that the Mayor did not record every meeting that he had with Zouher. That’s just how I feel, the subject matter was difficult to say the least, and I believe maybe more than Mr. Abdel-Hak that he did record the meetings.


  8. Aren’t we on a blog that posted the Mayor’s divorce information? The same information that my neighbor got? I am not sure you were the one who posted it, but I can at least understand the Mayor’s desire to try and figure out who did.

    Also didn’t Mr Abdel-Hak allude to recordings himself at a council meeting? I think Mr Abdel-Hak posed a question to the mayor or something and warned him that there may be recordings or something like that? Am I wrong?


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