Budget Online on City Site..

Good news everyone  the Budget is up at the city web site, that was fast work, just want  to say thank you so much to who ever put it up so fast, and to councilwoman Janet Badalow for asking to have it up for all of us. For a copy of the budget

Council 2010-2011 Budget

Discussion Schedule

April 13 Clerk, Treasurer, Human Resources
April 20 Court, Police
April 27 Building and Engineering, Assessor
May 4 Fire, Highway, Building Maintenance, DPW
May 11 Recreation
Comptroller, General Government and I.T. will be worked in as time
allows during the above dates

Source: City of Dearborn Heights web site.



1 thought on “Budget Online on City Site..”

  1. I MUST ask…….. why does the comptroller make $82,500 a year and his deputy comptroller make $64,650 when it has been said on this site that the comptroller does nothing and spends most of his time smoking or in the mayors office? Come on Dearborn Heights….. TRIM FROM THE TOP. Get rid of the waste in this city! Then you will have no money problems!!! Wait…. never mind….. the comptroller is part of that “inner circle”. Oh….. here is a thought…. maybe get rid of some of the unnecessary supervisors in the police department and put more officers on the road. What a concept. This isn’t rocket science. But, I think the “inner circle” may call it “lining your pocket”. Think about it!


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