Some City Budget for You…

As promised said I was going to write some about the budget, now this is my first go around with the budget, so just getting my mind around it. Here is some info for you guys. Did you know that the Police Department takes 33.39% of our budget, and the Fire Dept takes 16.65% of the budget. So between the two departments they make up 50.04% of our total budget for the city. The police department had a budget for 2009-2010 of $12,718,945, and for 2010-2011 is $12,647,152 a decrees of $71,793.

The Clerks office had a budget for 2009-2010 of $313,802, and for 2010-2011 a budget for $304,331 a decrees of $9,471 the Clerks office is 0.80% of the total city budget.

City Council yes they have a budget 09-10 budget of $93,609 budget for 10-11 is $88,255 decrees of $5,354 their budget makes up 0.23% of our total city budget. Want to know some more about our council that some of you think are over paid here’s some numbers for you. Council Chair gets $12,366.07, Council Persons each one $9,764.62 how many council meetings each month, how many study session each month, how may closed sessions each month? Not including how much time spend on any given subject they need to look into, calls, emails, and so on that need to be answered? Yes, they run for this office, and for sure it is a service more than anything else.

While our IT Department makes up 0.25% of the budget. Budget for this department for 10-11 is $95,000 last budget 09-10 was $100,00 decrees of $5,000

Like I said so many interesting things in the budget, next we will take a look at the Mayor’s office, and break it down. Don’t forget you can pick up your copy from the clerk’s office, or call the Mayor’s office, and ask for it to be put up on the city website. If I had the pdf file of it would put it up here for you, but not sure if I can get that will ask, but don’t think so. Would most likely have to FOIA it.


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