Great city council meeting, DROP, and the contract for the Police, and Fire vote down 6to1. Thanks to all of you that emailed, called, and came to the city council meeting. Ken Baron said that in all the years that he has been on the council he has never received so many calls, emails, and people coming into his shop about any issue. You can, and did make a difference lets keep up the good work. I will be writing more about it, and putting up clips from the council meetings.

To: Linda Butler will be seeing how much it will cost me a year to put up whole videos here, I feel strongly that no one should be denied the opportunity to watch their city gov in action. Understand that the city may not be able to do it right now with things the way it is so will look into it.


10 thoughts on “6-to-1”

  1. Could not say it better myself, I heard the same thing that this contract is good for 2 years only. Wonderful do you know if that is true? We are all hard working people just like all that work for the city, none of us have it easy these days. I agree this was not the time to ask for anything, wait until things are better, we are all waiting for things to get better.


  2. Wonderful,

    Thank you for your clarification, I will look into getting the actuary report. I do know that we the citizens do not sit in on the negotiations, I think many people out here would have been better served if a town hall meeting was called maybe more than one. The city council is not in on the negotiations either, they get the final report, here is an idea come to them every couple of months during the 1 year long negotiation period, and let them know what’s going on. Let them (city council) give the administration a heads up that maybe this will be problematic for us.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that some preventive measures shoul’ve been taken that’s all. I will say again that this was not the time to come and ask for anything period. I think a little common sense would have been a good thing, many out here are saying we are not saying never just not now things are bad and getting worse every day. When the funds are there to do it o.k. if not then no. Let’s not forget this is not the only contract that has to come before them, how in the world would they be able to give to some, and take away or not give to others? I said that in an earlier post give across the board or don’t give at all.

    One thing that did upset me was I heard that this contract was only good for 2 years, if it’s signed then in 2 years they get to come back, and ask for more. I don’t know if that is true or not, but that’s what I heard so if you know the answer to that please let us all know, because everyone I talk to is under this impression.

    I got the copy of the budget from the Clerk before they put it up on line, I do see that every department has cut, as it should be these are the times we live in. All of us in our daily lives have made cuts, given up things as we should no reason not to ask our city to do the same. All in all we are far better then other cities, and that is because of department heads, employees, the Mayor, and the City Council. I hope are city can ride out this storm with the least amount of damage, after reading about the city of Dearborn, good thing we are not in the same spot.


  3. I understand there are higher paid city employees, however being on the city council is not the only job of the members, it’s extra pay for them. As far as the citizens sitting in on negotiations, it just doesn’t happen…anywhere. Negotiations are between the union (in this case the police union) and the mayor. Once an agreement has been ratified, the contract is presented to the city council. A third-party actuary also comes in and analyzes the contract, showing the pros and cons. The actuary report, which was presented to the council, clearly shows that the city would save money AND JOBS by adopting a 7 year drop program over the current 5 year drop. If you want to see the actuary report or any other reports, I’m sure you can contact city hall and request a copy.

    I apologize if it was construed from my earlier comment that the city council members were ‘dumb’, however they did have more than enough time to examine the contract and the only logical choice for the benefit of the city and citizens was to approve the contract. If the citizens want someone to be mad at, be mad at the council and demand answers as to exactly why they didn’t approve the contract. They gave an explanation that they cannot push the cost onto the citizens, but this contract does and will not in the future cost the citizens any more than what it currently does.

    On another note, go online and look at the budgets. EVERY city department took a cut this year except for the fire department, which increased some $400,000. Councilwoman Badalow has a Dbn Hts firefighter in her family…coincidence???


  4. Thank you Danny for the kind words, sorry I missed the 9pm showing of the council was with some people. Will record the 9am, and try to get it on the blog before I go into work tomorrow, god bless you too.


  5. thx kathy, you are the best . i love your blog and i cant wait to see the videos too . thanks again and god bless you


  6. Wonderful
    There are much higher paid people in the city who should be taking a pay cut, I can start with one person who has went from a starting salary of 60,000.00 and after 3 years is up to 71,000.00 its in the budget take a look. Another has had a salary increase of 10 to 11 % for the past 6 years, while the average person working for the city is given 2%. These are but a few there is much more in the budget. You want to cut look at the IT company with no contract with the city, no set goals no program in place for replacement of bad equipment. This company has been protected for years in the city, at our expenses. Want cuts start at the top, let the Mayor take a pay cut hell he doesn’t even pay property taxes in his own city. If you think the residents didn’t get the proper information, please put up here what that information should be, and why didn’t he go to the papers, or maybe put something on the city website to explain, and give the proper information. Are you trying to tell me that 6 people educated, people did not understand what they read, that they are so dumb they did not get it. I don’t recall the residents sitting in on any of the negotiation that went on, I don’t recall the Mayor calling for a town hall to explain this plan to his residents, and answer any fears that the residents might have. Just here it is take it shove it like it or not you don’t get a say in the matter. Well the residents did have questions, and do have fears, and he should have been a leader an addressed those fears. What report why didn’t we get copies of it, why does the Mayor think he never has to explain anything to his tax payers after all we only pay the bills right?


  7. Yeah, GREAT CITY HALL meeting. Unfortunately, when all those calls were coming in about the contract and the DROP program, the citizens were not given all the information. But no matter, when the layoffs for the city come, you can all blame your city council for causing them…Don’t believe me? An actuary report was completed on the DROP program and showed that the city would benefit from a 7 year Drop compared to a five year Drop. This would SAVE the city money. However, because it looks bad at first glance, city council voted it down so they can be re-elected. Hey City Council: How about YOU take a paycut instead of putting hard-working employees with families out of work!


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