Not The Apology That Was Expected..

Some of you might know that back in 2008 Tom Berry, sent out an email to 350 people telling them about a conversation that he had with Judge Richard Wygonik, and his wife Adrenne. Mr. Berry said  in this email that the Wygoniks had made several disparaging comments about Arab Americans during a conversation on July 10, 2008.

Councilman Tom Berry gathered the support of many of the Arab-American  community leaders, who after reading the email he sent demanded an apology from the Wygoniks. The Wygoniks have maintained that they did not say the things that Mr. Berry accused them of. Many people interceded on this matter, and tried to bring the two party’s together, including my husband Zouher, councilman Berry (who is an Arab American) came to our store, and discussed this many times with myself, and Zouher. He was in our store the same morning he sent out the emails, to tell us what he had done, and what had happened the night before. The Arab American News ran an article about the incident, quoting heads of various organizations in the Arab-American community.


13 thoughts on “Not The Apology That Was Expected..”

  1. The only thing I know about Murray Communications is something I got in my email today regarding a press release. I have no idea where the original letter is, if you are getting the same email as me then you would have gotten a copy of the original email regarding this matter. I did not get anything else from this company. I have no idea why you got this press release, you should send them a response asking them why you got it.


  2. so who is Murray Communications, and why are they spamming me about your small town problems, I think there are much bigger issues facing Michigan.

    Where is the original letter anyway?


  3. nobull
    The budget is out, and you can pick up a copy from the lovely City Clerk, you should, and will say everyone who lives in this city should. Interesting reading, you want to see how your money is spent take a look. Again will say not doing it because of Tom, I have my own reasons, and that is all I’m going to say about it. Sorry if you do not like it, but that’s the way its going to say, unless my hand is forced, and trust me people have tried, I don’t take kindly to threats, and not threats that come in the mail. That’s a different post for another day. Hope you get what you need for your post, and I’m looking forward to it.


  4. Oh, and another thing the Mayor almost blew a gasket the other day when Zouhers subject came up. Thought he was going to keel over right on the spot, boy how much he hates you guys. Watch your back is all I can say he is out to get you.


  5. You had no idea did or didn’t you guys support him when he ran for council, did or didn’t you guys consider him a friend. Is he that good at what he does to have deceived you guys. I’ve heard so many things about this man will just say you guys are in good company. I don’t think the man has left a friend that he hasn’t f’ed over. I still think you should come out with all of it, and stop protecting him, who else if not him are you protecting? Looking into some stuff going on in the city will see if I get what I need to put up my first post. Has the budget come out yet, and if yes let me know please thanks.


  6. I was told the ADC was suing on behalf of the Arab American community, that was the last I herd about it. Never thought that the Judge was going to sue Tom, and they won, what does that say about what he said about them. Boy the information that is floating around out here is way off on this subject.


  7. What an embarrassment to the whole community, that’s what we get for supporting him, and be-leaving in him. It’s not his fault it’s our for not advising him the right way, as a community we are always looked at as less, but these allegations should have been handled in a different way. If the Wygoniks really said that then why would Mr. Berry apologize for it. Basically saying I lied sorry for all the trouble, well Mr. Berry you should apologize to all of us who supported you, and anyone who tried to intercede on this matter.


  8. I was in on several of the meetings that took place with the Arab-American leaders, Zouher was only trying to do the right thing, he made very good points, and Mr. Tom Berry bad mouthed him in my presence more than once. That is the thank you Zouher got after Mr. Berry came to him for his help. I was never convinced that what Tom said was the whole truth, and I have always have maintained that there’s something missing. I advised that our community should proceed with cation, my advise was not taken, and this is the result of proceeding before getting both sides of a story.


  9. Thank you for putting this up so it’s true what I herd, what a joke. All of that for nothing, Mr. Berry out did his self this time. In the end he’s the one who has to apologize so our Tom Berry lied about what he said about them.


  10. There are some things I know about this subject that I will not talk about here. I’m not doing that because of Tom, Tom said enough about Zouher on this subject, if anything I should tell it all. There will be more damage done than it’s worth, like I said just happy that it’s over with. Maybe we do deserve what we got from Tom, our fault all the way for trusting him, we had no idea that he was that way.


  11. No big surprise here, but what is a surprise is that you again are not telling the whole story why to you insist on pussy footing around. Just because Tom Berry is an Arab American, tell it all. Tom is the type of person who likes to talk out of both sides of his mouth, he is not to be trusted, and you, and your husband are fools if you ever did. You deserve what you get from that snake.


  12. Hopefully, Mr. Berry will assess future statements more closely along with the potential impact such statements carry. If Mr. Berry’s statement/apology has been misinterpeted, then maybe he should explain. Or, maybe he shouldn’t- sometimes you just dig a deeper hole. As a side note, there are three sides to a story: yours, mine, and the truth.

    Finally, I hope Mr. Berry and every other councilperson takes a close measure of their actions if they support the DROP program. This program carries the potential of being one of the biggest ripoffs against the residents of this City. Any one who supports this program needs to resign or be recalled.


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