FOIA Update…

FOIA request answered, my FOIA request was answered, and I paid, and picked up a copy of the audio copy of the study session of the city council.   The FOIA request that was submitted for the quarterly report of the NSP program was also granted, and given.

Thank You.


2 thoughts on “FOIA Update…”

  1. NoBull

    The FOIA coordinator answered mine, and corporation council answered Zouhers. As for the 12 questions, never did get an answer, and frankly we do not want to take them to court over it, and make the tax payer’s pay even more for something that should have been given in the first place. She was willing during that meeting to give the documents up, but once corporation council got in the middle every thing was turned into a battle. It most certainly was not the FOIA coordinators fault she wanted to do her job, but was prevented from doing so. So we are not sure what we are going to do about that.


  2. Glad that you got what you asked for, but could you please tell me what the hell you are thanking them for? They have to give it to you, that cock, and bull story that the corporation council was trying to sell at the council meeting that you are not wording the FOIA the right way is a bunch of bull. So please do not say thank you for them doing what they have to do, I just have a question did our FOIA coordinator answer the FOIA request, or did she pass it on to corporation council? I think what Zouher said that night at the council was great, and don’t for get that the other gentleman that came in and told all of them that he was there in the meeting, and that there was a list, and an agreement, so what happened with that did you ever get the 12 things you asked for in that meeting?


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