Who’s Interest Should Be Looked Out For?

Note, this post was written in 2010 at that time the Mayor was renting in the City he now owns a home. 

A little confused here, the Mayor of Dearborn Heights, was elected by the residents of this city right? I didn’t miss something right, I ask because it seems to me by the way he was talking at the last city council meeting, and you can see it on this blog, he did not once mention the residents of this city. While every council member I think said that they wanted to do what was best for us, that they wanted to put our interest first, and for most front, and center. So why didn’t the Mayor do the same thing? Why does our Mayor want to look out for the interest of the police before he puts our interest first? Isn’t he suppose to be on our side? Isn’t he supposed to find out what is best for his residents? why is he so willing to raise our taxes? Mr. Mayor you are not spending your money you’re spending our’s, every resident of this city, you are raising our taxes, not yours, you no longer own property in this city. Does that make it easier for you?

Mr. Mayor if you want to be part of that gang (the police force) then you should have chosen a different career path years ago. We all know your fascination with (the gang ), you took that so far as to put police lights on your car, but do you have to make us suffer for your endless need to fit in with them. I call them a gang because that is how they are now being described in the city, by the people who live here. So while the Mayor placate to the police, and the council is going to be bullied, by (the gang), who’s looking out for us? I thought that was his job. So Mr. Mayor while you came off looking like the hero to the police sitting in the council meeting, and you bathed in their praise you forgot about the 53,000 other people who are flipping the bill to let you live out your fascination with the police force.

So folks while Tweedledee, plays around with your money, and your taxes are going to be raised, what are you going to do? For those of you that come here, if you are at all interested or concerned that you’re not being heard, if you do not want to have your taxes go up, then show up at the next city council meeting. If it’s all right for the officers to sit in the council chambers, and shout then we should shout too. Gather your friends, neighbors, relatives, anyone you can think of, and fill the room with the people who are going to pay for this.

I  leave you with this,

POLITICIAN: One who shakes your hand before elections and your confidence after.(Word Humor, and Funny Definitions)


10 thoughts on “Who’s Interest Should Be Looked Out For?”

  1. Most of the people that work at the city hall are very nice people, who want to do the best job they can. I know there are many people out there that say when they call departments they do not get an answer or the people are rude on the phone. That has never happened to me. I just had some dealings this past week with the DPW department, and will say that the lady do not know her name was pleasant, and very helpful, I would just like to thank her for all her help.


  2. I had the pleasure of going to city hall for a building permit the other day and it was a pleasure.Every lady in that office had a smile to give us so nice and helpfull,the clerks office also ,but the mayor walked by looked and walked by me with just a blank look.What has hapoened to the days when our past mayors would smile as the went by us and say something to us and we would feel welcomed.NO not now .Other city oficial did the same thing.Do they realise that it is our money that they get to give them the attitude that they have? I don’t higher people like this and in reality we gave them this job and the pay check they get when it comes down to it is from us the tax payers.I dont think that I like paying someone that can’t at least be polite to me. Thank goodness for the welcome that the building department gives us and on the way out the clerks office. Thankyou


  3. Nobull

    Was wondering what happened to you, I thought you would post something, but a comment is good to. You want me to tell the truth. I have been, and will continue to do so, what do you want me to dig into? I’m not the only one living in this city you know, you do to. It would be in everyone’s best interest if you would let us all know what is going on in the city that you feel I should dig into. You have the same power as all the rest of us file a FOIA, and ask for what ever public information you want to know about. I don’t think I’ve pussy footed around here, but you are in tiled to your opinion, and I respect that. Look forward to your next comment, and or post.


  4. So true!!!! We have had to take pay cuts,that is the way it is at this time. Taxes keep going up in this city to the point we are not going to be able to afford to stay living in Dearborn hts. There ar people in this city who have lost their jobs through no fault of theres and have had to leave their homes and now they are talking about this.The Mayor number 1 does not care about the people in this city he is on some ego trip and I hope the council can bring him down to reality.He has it all —-a good paying job a new car and his ego is being fand with this new thing he wants to do that is all he has now left is the police cheering him on. Mr.Mayor face reality and realise that you are now coming to the end of your ego trip and come down to earth and do the proper things that a mayor does and that is do for the city what is right , maybe step down and let someone else step in. This man has lost track of reality.


  5. While the police are in, and out of his office sitting with Krissy, how does anyone in this city expect her to look out for us she is best friends with them, and so is the Mayor. drheights48127 don’t you get it yet, don’t you under stand that the Mayor only cares about a very few people, and the police are in his inner circle so why would you think he gives a shit about the rest of us. DRHEIGHTS48127 you are not getting to the truth here, and you said you want to tell the truth so tell it, and stop pussy footing around get to the bottom of it. Dig and you will find a lot of stuff..


  6. Mr. Mayor wants to be a police officer than join them, I can’t for the life of me under stand why this man is trying to do this while the city is in the condition it’s in.


  7. If you, and others feel that way you need to come all of you to the city council meetings, and let the Mayor, and the council know it. I look at it like this if the tax rolls are down, and all of us out here are have to give up things, and make changes to our life styles, then so should the police. The police department of this city has been untouched by the financial crises hitting the rest of us. I’m not wishing for any of them to loose their jobs, just not to get anything extra, or more than what they are getting now. Keep things the way they are a freeze on all pay increase, and benefits for the time being. They council, and the administration can look into saving money in other areas, like the IT company that works for the city with an average bill of 6,000.00 a month that is around $72,000.00 a year not including equipment. The council is doing something about that a good job on that one. Why not look into pay cuts for some of the employees that got these big pay increases during the flush years of the city. Time for them to step up to the plate, and take the hit like the rest of us. Can do away with the cars for the department heads, will cut down on the fuel cost, they have cut down on the DPW department from what I hear to the bones down to 17 employees over there, let’s see what about the Mayor cutting from his office, with a new full time exec sec why not look into letting the part time sec go. We all need to make a change, not just ask the residents to flip the bill why not look into how you are going to pay for this with out raising our taxes. If the Mayor wants to give them what ever they want let him take a pay cut start with that to pay for it.


  8. It used to be that why, but they no longer have to live in the city that is the same state wide, not all city workers have gotten a raise, but the chosen few have, and some very big increases every year.


  9. Maybe we should bring in a policy that city workers need to live in our city.Most of us have lost our jobs or are making alot less than we did before while city workes have gotten raises(not all). So come and live in the city that you are asking more money from.


  10. But that is this mayor!!!!!!!! He is not for us,but the council needs to stop all this.We all feel (we I mean dearborn heights residents that there is nothing we can do as the mayor rules)People are leaving their homes ,empty homes all over.South end looks terible nobody cares.So when there not so many residents to pay the taxes then what happens? We wont need all this police either. There need to be an investigation done on this mayor.


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