Write Up in The Press&Guide…

In Fridays Press&Guide a write up about what is going on in the city, take a look.

By Ben Baird, Press & Guide Newspapers

DEARBORN HEIGHTS — Council was asked by a resident to approve a formal investigation into the activities of Mayor Dan Paletko to determine if there have been violations of the city charter.

Council took no action.

7 thoughts on “Write Up in The Press&Guide…”

  1. Danny,
    Reading your comments, it sounds like you have NOT been a Dearborn Heights resident for very long. There was definitely a mayor much better than Paletko (and he actually OWNED a house in the city)! And, I WISH I could move out of the city! But, it seems my house isn’t worth squat! There hasn’t been a deficit and it seems there IS no extra money. The city is threatening pay cuts and layoffs. Please, please, please get your facts correct before you post here!


  2. I noticed that someone wrote something about that since the mayor was alected —————I do not remember him being elected it is just that no one ran against him.To my regret.


  3. i think dearborn heights is the best city in wayne county. mayor made a good progress from deficit to extra money , city looking a lot better when mayor paletko was elected and all what you do is complain. why don’t you move out of the city , that will solve a lot problem


  4. What ones are you talking about, I did not take anything down, I will take a look right now to see what’s going on.


  5. Speaking of above the law- where are all the posts going? I have noticed two or three taken down recently.


  6. Of course he is above the law. That is why the whole of dearborn hts that pay taxes in this city are totaly disgusted with the council and they new that this is what would be done. WHY??????


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