Baby Steps…

Baby Steps,

Well, some good news guys look’s like the city council is going to go ahead, and have Plant Moran do the study of the cities IT, they will be looking at each department, the equipment, and software, and whatever else the city might need. When asked if $175.00 an hour was a lot of money for a repair of a printer, the representative from Plant Moran said that’s excessive. They all so said that it might turn out to be cheaper for the city to make an IT department instead of out sourcing the job. I hope they will get a Web Master, or whoever they hire that will be part of their duties.

It was all so mentioned that some of the equipment may be so old that the parts aren’t even available to fix them. Makes you stop, and wonder just what the hell has been going on with this department, and the company that is now doing the work. With no policy in place on when, and if the old equipment should be replaced, suppose it would be hard to do something. The real question is, why this company hasn’t put a policy in place in all the years they have been working with the city?


2 thoughts on “Baby Steps…”

  1. That is what we all would like to know plus much more needs to looked into. Why bother all we do is pay taxes to pay everyones pay check to the wrong hands.


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