Receive, Note, And File Oh What a Joy…

After discussing with several people what happened at the city council study session on Tuesday night, Two catch-phrases kept coming up. (Catch 22), and (Between a Rock, and a Hard Place)

These two phrases describe how the city council found itself after a claim was submitted to the Clerk to have an investigation into what many of us believe are violations of the charter done by the Mayor. The council got a one page legal opinion  from corporation counsel (who is an  appointee of the Mayor) pointing out to them that if they are to go ahead with an investigation, and if the Mayor was to be found guilty of these things, that information could come out, and be used as evidence against the Mayor, and the City in an on-going lawsuit. So while the council I’m sure wants to do right by all they can not put the city at risk, meaning all of us. If there ever was a situation that between a rock and a hard place describe this would be it.  All though  there is still the fact that the Mayor signed a contract without council’s permission, but from what I hear was said they  (city council) are going to receive, note, and file.

For those of you wondering what that is well, it’s nothing, as I understand it like it never happened.  So the Mayor comes out of it smelling like a rose . They are not saying he didn’t do it, only that they can not go forward with any type of investigation. So we come to the end of this subject, and all of us will just have to live with the knowledge of what he did, and understand that nothing will be done. Is it a bitter pill to swallow. Yes, it is, but I don’t think we have a choice.

I did find it funny when one council member said “it’s done” “it’s over”, and “we should not waste one penny on this.” “Let him (Zouher Abdel-Hak) go to the Attorney General.” What penny? It was not going to cost the city anything for the council members to investigate, it’s not like they get paid by the hour, they (city council) would have to ask for some records, and yeah sorry read the charter. What it would have cost them is time, and they, in my opinion, are under paid, to begin with, for all the meetings, boards, and other things they do, this would have most certainly been one other thing added to a plate that is already over- flowing with things to take care of.

It was reassuring to have councilwoman Marge Horvath said, “The Mayor screwed up, he didn’t tell us what was going on”. “The council needs its own attorney.” They sure do I think it would be very helpful in future situations, to get outside counsel on some of these matters.  Save, and protect the city and the taxpayer money.

Today I talked to a Judge about this, he was aware of what was going on, and when he heard that the council was going to just ignore this, his response, was “you’ve got to be kidding me?” “Why?” “Oh come on council do the right thing here.” “So what if the information could be used, the Congress of the United States investigates the government all the time, that is why we have a little something called separation.” This judge was sure that the council would do something, and was deeply disappointed that they did not. Council I will say you had a hell of a lot of people rooting for you, too bad you could not carry the ball to the finish line, maybe next time.


7 thoughts on “Receive, Note, And File Oh What a Joy…”

  1. Council did the right thing. *If* an error was made it was corrected. No need to waste more time and tax dollars on the issue.


  2. “Let everyone live happy”? Are you kidding? I guess I can go out and do anything that breaks rules, as long as it makes me happy, right? Wow, that gives me freedom to do anything, illegal or not. As long as I’m happy. That is the stupidest statement I’ve ever heard!!!!!


  3. Thank you so much for coming to the blog, I’m glad to hear that you’ve been watching what’s going on, it’s good to know that people are taking an interest. Your comments are welcome it’s always good to hear what others have to say so thank you I hope you will stop by often.


  4. after sitting on the side and watching i think you guys are taking this shit too seriousley why dont you chill out and let everyone live happy . life is too short , do you think if the mayor resigns the problems are solved? no we might end up with a mayor that will show us hell


  5. I’ve been following the Mayor Paletko vs. an angry citizen situation. From my
    understanding of what was presented to the Dearborn Heights City Council, I thought
    the City Council would understand their overriding responsibility, their LEGAL OBLIGATION, is to “the truth” and to “honest government.” Silly me. I was wrong.

    Apparently the City Council does not actually realize is that they are OBLIGATED to fulfill their SWORN promise to uphold the Dearborn Heights City Charter and Ordinances and the Constitution and Laws of the United States and the State of Michigan. They have totally failed their basic, SWORN responsibility. They are weak. They are spineless. They are foolish. They are now a part of what appears to be “a cover up.” A deliberate refusal to even make inquires, to follow up on a citizens documented claims, may have made themselves accomplices to the alleged wrongdoing. It is as if the City Council is driving the get away car. 7 new sets of finger prints are now on the problem. By their DELIBERATE inaction, they may have actually accepted personal liability for the alleged wrongdoing.

    If the Dearborn Heights City Council as a group has any personal integrity, all 7 would resign from the City Council. If they can’t handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen.


  6. I still feel the mayor needs to step down . How can he face us ( this city) with us knowing what kind of a mayor he is .Like I said I guess we can speed and not get a ticket and brake all the laws in this city and that is O.K.What an example of a mayor this person is.The council is not much better I heard a council member make a remark at last meeting that all this will blow over,bot if I can help it as everyone one way or the other will hear about this.


  7. If we broke the law we would to be punished what makes him not have to .Come on you council members do your job,the job you were elected to do not protect the mayor when he does wrong,then why when we are in voilation with the city dealing with ordinances do have a fine to pay ? So if the mayor can do what he likes so can we!!!!!!!!!!!! Why should we get tickets for speeding and this can go on and on.Please council do what we voted you into this position to do .


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