So Many Balls to Juggle

How many balls does our comptroller Juggle?

He’s the comptroller of the city, he seems to be some sort of expert on IT, and now if I understand it right he is the head of the water department. I tip my hat to you for handling so many things, but, and there is always a but are all of those different departments being handled with the adequate amount of effort, and time being given to each? I only bring this up because someone brought it to my attention here on the blog when residents received notices that they had overdue water bills.


1 thought on “So Many Balls to Juggle”

  1. The juggler spends most his day outside smoking. if he cared about what he was doing all that money that was wasted on over due water bills would never been sent out. If he doesn’t live here why would he care? It is not his tax money that was wasted on the latest mess–to be polite–from the water department. He is to busy kissing the mayor’s butt to care about anyone but himself and what is in it for him.


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