Check Registry What Happened to it.

Note, this post was written in 2010 until today 8-31-2016 there has never been a check registry online. A complete lie told by the Mayor one of many told by this man.

Back I think in January the Mayor was excited to let us know that the check registry for the city of Dearborn Heights, was to go online as of January 1st. Well ah hate to tell you it’s still not there, what happened to this? Mr. Mayor do you even ask are you aware that what you asked to be done isn’t? Some of you may be wondering what this is, well it basically shows you each check that is written out from the city, and to who. I was happy to hear that I thought the Mayor is trying to show that his administration is one of transparency, guess not. Well maybe one of these days we will get to see what are money is spent on.

Another thing I would like to see go live on the city web site is the packet that the council gets for its city council meetings, be posted online, for us to print, or look at. When the council is looking at all the proposals, and contracts, and so on they refer to this document or that document saw many people at the last meeting looking at the print  out given to see what they are referring to. Now if this is going to cause someone in the city too much extra work then no don’t do it, maybe we can just pick up, and pay for the packet from city hall, if that is just a thought.


2 thoughts on “Check Registry What Happened to it.”

  1. That’s what I thought we’ll see what can be done, call your council members, let them know you would like it on the city site, or be able to pay for one. Sorry council I’m always asking everyone to call you guys, but who else are we going to count on?


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