It’s The Little Things..

I was just wondering about something if the Military Park Association was disqualified for the NSP program because they did not fill out a form that makes them a non-profit, then what happens to the charges that have been approved by city council? If I understand what I’ve read about the NSP program, the city pay’s from the general fund, and then ask to have the money reimbursed if they do not qualify the city will not get reimbursed for the money that’s been paid out. Okay, isn’t that something the program director should have known before the city incurred charges from McKenna, and others? Wouldn’t that be a very simple thing to find out before you proceed to the next step? (do they qualify?) Not to be a pain but, this kind of stuff drives me crazy, it’s the little things, the simple things that would protect us from paying out our money. If someone out there could answer me the question would be greatly appreciated.


4 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things..”

  1. keep up the good work. I find it interesting that Paletko has on his city web page that he’s a member of the American Legion. You need to be a veteran to join the Legion. When and where did he serve?


  2. Going back to the last comment———–Yes we did get anotice from the water dept., saying that we were late and when they were contacted about this the answer was that it was computer eror–O.K but as I pointed out a human had to set the computer and it was not in our city office it was outsorsed.If one calls the water dept., there is a voice mail saying to dissregard that bill and that it is not costing us in taxes—well then who is paying this company for the paper ink postage and the manpower I do not think it is free.


  3. Little things done often create a pattern, if not challenged, lead the way to major things being done that fall outside of what right or legal.


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