A Very Big Thank You…

To all of you who came to the city council meeting tonight I thank you from the bottom of my heart, it was so nice to see you there. I thank you so much for your show of support it does my heart good. To anonymous, it was so nice to meet you, and I thank you so much for coming to show support for us. Your coming made all the difference in the world, now the ball is in the hands of the city council we will let them do their investigation, and see what’s going to be done to our Mayor for the many violations he did.


2 thoughts on “A Very Big Thank You…”

  1. Anonymous, thank you so much I could not have said it better myself. I agree I think they do have the tendency to forget that we pay them, not the Mayor out of his personal account. Your there to do a job not get snotty, or loud, because you do not happen to agree with something that someone is saying. They seem to think that there are only a few people that think they are doing something wrong, I would like them to understand that there are so many people that are very, very angry with what he, and others are doing, but are afraid of what could happen to them. I’m not talking about city employees here I’m talking about people who live in this city, some truly believe that they will have something happen to them. Won’t say more than that. Just up sets the hell out of me that people truly believe that, since when do we live in a city that people would even think something like that is possible? “I would come to the council meeting, but am afraid of what they could do to me if I do.” I’ve herd that over, and over again, these are people residents that truly feel that way, I write here, and go to the council meeting to show people you do not have to be afraid to speak out. Nothing will happen to you, they are not going to get you, just think it’s so sad. As for the cars I have never ever liked the fact that they take them home, I do not think they have to use their own cars to do city biz, but taking them home isn’t necessary. I hope you will come as often as you can to the council meetings, see you there, and hope to see you here too.


  2. It was a very interesting evening and I will do it again. I observed alot .We need our city back,not a city that is run in this maner. We need people who are educated in the job we have hired them to do .The way the mayor and his assis., act is in such a defiant way with no respect to us who are paying their wages. This is what the people of this city need to observe .WE ARE NOT working for the mayor or his assist.,he is working for us.This can not be swept under the rug. I am so tired of us being used by some of these city workers, we paya for their vehicles for their gas their wages and they do things that if we did we would get a violation but they do it and it is O.K———WHY? We have a hard time paying for our cars gas insurance and repairs but we are paying for these people and new vehicles for them also.How much is the atorney going to get to keep giving our mayor advice, thats our money too.


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