More Disturbing News..

More Disturbing News out of the city, here is what someone wrote in comments,

Did you hear anything about that employee that was working in the mayors office is going to sue the city. What the hell could she sue us for, and maybe if the mayor would have gotten ride of her when her 6 mo was up, or better yet not hire her illegally to begin with. Now how much is this going to cost us, what more do we need to see from this Mayor? We paid her salary for all most a year, when she was not suppose to be in our city to begin with, and now we will have to pay lawyer fees, and I’m sure some sort of bull shit settlement, city council are you aware of this, do you guys even know whats going on. This is what I’m hearing hope it’s not true, I’ve had just about enough of this. What if anything can we as the citizens of this city do to stop this? If you know anything please let us know because I’m very disturbed by this.


2 thoughts on “More Disturbing News..”

  1. I would all so like to make sure that you are going to come to the city council meeting tomorrow at city hall 8pm. Bring as many people as you can.


  2. Thank you so much for coming to the site and commenting. I would just like to point out to you that the head of that department the Mayor wanted to put her into did object because of the Federal rules it would violate. He was fired from his job for doing that. That would tend to intimidate other employees from stepping forward and saying anything. When you say what can the Mayor do… fire you? Yes he can and has. You are correct in your summary of the situation at hand. Council has tried on a number of occasions to get to the bottom of this with little cooperation from the administration.


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