Credit Cards For City Employees

Credit Cards For City Employees, this is something that the city council is looking into after the Chief of Police Lee Gavin introduced this subject at the last city council meeting. I understand that maybe some officers might need a city credit card to use when they travel, to seminars, and other official business, so why was this policy not submitted to the council for just the police department? Why didn’t Lee Gavin come before the council, and tell them this is something that he needed before he hired Plant Moran to do a study?

B) City credit cards shall be issued to the Mayor of the City of Dearborn Heights, the department heads of the Police Department, Fire Department and officials as deemed necessary for the efficient operation of the city by the Mayor. City credit cards may also be issued to those subordinate officers or employees of authorized credit card using department heads when necessary for the efficient operations of their respective departments.

Did anyone ask if the Treasurer of the city was willing to take on this extra work, this policy puts the Treasurer of the city in charge of all the credit card bills, who spent on what, and when. It’s not secrete the Mayor has wanted a credit card for a long time, I can just imagine the bill at the end of the month lunch meetings for this, and that, by all the different department heads, dinner meetings, coffee meetings, and what ever else they can come up with. I’m all for helping, and making sure our police department has what they need when they are under cover, but not understanding  if a CC is a Dearborn Heights City CC how are you going to use it undercover?

Let me know what you think good idea or not.


4 thoughts on “Credit Cards For City Employees”

  1. Ya I did hear about it wrote a post about it, but was not sure if I should so I took it down, but now you have herd about it. I think you should come to the city council meeting this coming Tuesday, Zouher is going to be talking about this subject, and will be asking the council to do something. If you can not make it call your council members, and ask them to investigate this. I find it very disturbing to think that he kept her longer then he was suppose to hired her against the charter, gave her several different jobs, and now wants to give away our tax money by giving her benefits, and God knows what else. This mayor needs to be stopped it’s time to call him out for what he’s doing, what I would like to know is just what she has on him, that would let him do all that he’s done that is the question, and now to think that we might yet again be paying for what? what grounds could she have to file against the city, how did she suffer she got paid with our money when she had no biz getting that money, we as tax payer’s should sue the city for wasteful spending, and ask for our money back. Yes Mr. Mayor I want my money back, from you, and corporation counsel who said that there was nothing wrong with all of this. The two of you can give us back the money.


  2. Amen anonymous that is what we have been saying from day one, something needs to be done about this.


  3. Here we go again the mayor has his own way. I own a buisiness and none of my workers have a credit card,they pay for thier expenses and get reinbursed by the company. This man is out of control he needs to step down. Come on everyone lets get together and see what can be done and take him down a few pegs. Please everyone in this city try to understand that this man is using this job for his ego. It is our money not his that he keeps spending .We wil need to see all of the statements of these credit cards we do not pay all these taxes for people to spend. Everone is forgeting that this our money.


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