Did You Know The Charter Says..

Section 18.2.  Records Open to Public.

All records of the City shall be public and open to inspection at all reasonable times. All books, papers, records and accounts of any officer elected or appointed, or of any office or department of the City, shall be the property of the City, and shall at all times be subject to audit, examination or inspection by any member of the Council, or by any person employed or designated by the Council for that purpose. All such books, papers, records, files and accounts shall be kept in such place as may be designated by the Council.
State law references:  Mandatory that Charter provide that all records of the municipality shall be public, MCL 117.3(1); freedom of information act, MCL 15.231 et seq.

Any questions?


6 thoughts on “Did You Know The Charter Says..”

  1. I’m sorry that this happened to you, I would all so ask the controller to please return the calls of the residents of the city. As for an explanation letter think that would be a very good idea, if that would be to costly to put something on the home page of the city web site in way of an explanation. They could all so put a recorded message to people who may be calling about this subject, ie if you are calling about an over due notice please press 2 something like that. There are plenty of companies that have that sort of thing. Something should be said in way of an explanation, I had no idea that the mayor spent so much time at Panera Bread or Subway, but it is a good way to show support for our local business, I think we should all do what we can to support them not making any excuses for him just saying. I wonder if anyone even looks when those things get printed out if they are even going to the right people for the right reason. I think it would be a very good idea for you to go to the next city council meeting, and ask about it, see how many people got a notice like that, and ask the controller why he does not return calls made to his office. He is at the council meetings, well if he is spending so much time on protecting the IT company, and making sure they get paid, and coming to their defense how is he going to find time to deal with problems in his own department?


  2. Got a notice too. Never been late with a payment in the 20 years we’ve lived here. Why didn’t a supervisor find the mistake? Doesn’t anyone check before things like this are sent out? This shows how little regard and respect city hall has for the people who live here. I bet the mayor reads this blog and he should know that this type of waste should not be tolerated. Is this even being looked into? Who made this mistake? Was a correction or apology letter going to be sent to people who should not have gotten this letter? How much money was wasted? How much time was wasted? There is no excuse for wrong letters to be mailed out. It is bad enough that water bills from OCTOBER to JANUARY came-the time it takes from the meter reading to actual bills is ridiculous. the gas company reads and you get your bill within a week. They have way more accounts than Dbn Hts. What is going on that this work cannot be done correctly and timely? If the controller can’t get his employees to get things done in a timely fashion, maybe they need more help or those employees need to find new jobs. Waste of tax payer money! Tried calling the controller several times, all I get is voice mail and no return call. Can’t discuss this with the mayor, the waitresses in his office won’t put a call through or you have to catch him at Panera Bread or Subway on his 2 hour lunch.


  3. Do you think anyone will even take the time to calculate how much it cost us? No they paid, and move on.


  4. I was at city hall today and found out the office that is in charge of the water office is the controller–same person that signs off on the over charged IT invoices. If his employees don’t know what they are doing then they should be let go. My 80 year old dad almost had a heart attack when he opened that notice. His bill was not even due until the 15th!I would like to know how much money the city wasted on mailing, paper, and paying who ever was not doing their job. There is a message on the phone when you call, but I was at city hall today and the phone was ringing off the hook.I hope who ever wasted this money gets fired.I got the same response you did about the computer. I did not think it was right when the lady told me just to forget about the letter it was a mistake. Waste of tax payer money!


  5. I did not know that anyone was getting a notice from the water department for late payment. When did this happen, and your right how does the computer make a mistake does it push it’s own buttons, and enter the data by it’s self? Do you know how many people got one of these late notices?


  6. How many people in this city received a notice from the water department saying that they are late with the payment when in fact it is not due yet ? What is that about ? I understand that the computer made a mistake. How much has this cost the city(US) ? Paper, ink, postage.All this should be checked before sending these out. By the way computers only do what a human tells it to do.


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