11% Pay Increase

So how many in the city of Dearborn Heights get an 11% pay hike each and every year since the day they started working for the city? I think the average is 2%, so what would you be doing for, an 11% pay hike? You must be the kind of employee, that comes in before hours, and stays after hours, you must be doing the job of 3 or 4 people to get this kind of hike. I’m sure that their credentials and education background are exceptional. This employee must have been a catch for the city, they must come with a background full of municipality experience.  Would you be surprised to learn that none of the above apply, but yet there is a person working for the  city of Dearborn Heights getting an 11% increase every year?

How many of you have gotten an 11% pay increase in your jobs?


2 thoughts on “11% Pay Increase”

  1. Interesting-especially since the city is crying poor as usual. Wonder whom this person that acquired such as raise is-must be the cream of the crop with at least a Master’s Degree….lol. What a joke-more proof the city is being ripped off. IT MUST STOP!!!!


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