IT Bill Resubmitted without Clarification

I will be putting up a video of what happened last night, but there was an exchange at last nights city council meeting concerning the IT bill pulled at the last council meeting. The bill was resubmitted without explanation, or clarification of the charges. Don Borrow was quick to point out that our IT does not have a contract works on an hourly rate, just great working with out a contract with the city for years. Well that’s another post for now this is what they asked to happen with the bill.


7 thoughts on “IT Bill Resubmitted without Clarification”

  1. Why approve the other item? Just because one of our council members asked for one item to be paid because she “has a heart”? Pathetic!!!!!!! They only send back one item for clarification. Item 6-10 has been approved for payment. This IT company is raping the city!!! And why is the Comptroller having a hissy fit? What is his involvement in this whole thing? Who is he protecting? It’s wrong for a colleague to yell at another for any reason in front of others. It’s disrespectful, humiliating and just plain wrong!!! From what I know, the department heads receive an agenda, but that lists the department and how much is charged. Not specific charges. I think it’s very confusing to all involved. And I do hope that this IT company is now realizing that she cannot charge whatever she wants because people are becoming wise to her little scam. It’s very easy to charge for things that others are clueless about. And to actually charge $170.00 an hour is absurd! Who in the world makes that much money an hour? Can somebody please answer that question for me! I’ll gladly learn how to run a network for that kind of money!! It can’t be that hard! I have no degree in the computer IT field either!! . And I’ll only charge $50.00 an hour!


  2. I did hear about what happened to Barb, I think your advise is good she should make sure that she documents everything from now on. I’m with you hope she did a report/complaint if that happened to me I would make sure I put every thing on the record.


  3. They sent it back again for clarification from the administration, they approved the new bill. I just think the total lack of respect the administration shows towards the council is a problem.


  4. The council is doing a good job They are doing everything they need to do for the better of the city which by the way so should the adminstration should be doing,.


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