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I was looking around the net at other cities around us, Garden city has their city council meetings online. Westland does too, and Dearborn. The city of Dearborn has redone their website very nice, and they have a new service for their residents Called Nixie this is sign up to get alerts by cell phone, or email. Wonder if we will ever have something like this. I have to fill out a FOIA request to get copies of city council meetings, while cities around us are putting them up on their sites for everyone to look at.  I feel very strongly that we should have accesses to every council meeting, why our city is not doing what others around us are? I have no idea.

Just so you know this service does not cost anything would not cost the city, if I’m reading it right.

Nixle’s Municipal Wire is the first identity-certified and secure communication service that allows local, county and state law enforcement and government agencies to connect with residents over cell phone, email, and web. This service is offered at no cost to any agency and there is no installation or training required.


9 thoughts on “Looking Around..”

  1. I know it sounds like a great thing to have for this city, and once again we fall behind, the mayors assistant says it would also send spam, maybe she should go to the site, and read what it say’s, nobody is going to get any spam. This is why the assistant to the mayor is getting 60,000.00 a year for. While everyone around us move’s forward we are stuck in the past, no video of city council on the blog, hell half the information that we should be getting can not get. The city web site does not even offer email up dates. Its time to move on folks, nice to hear the mayor at least is trying to get something going, but maybe he should stand up take a look into it, and say no we are going to do this.


  2. The program is called NIXEL which sends text messages/e-mail to residents. The mayors office was notified by an employee several moths ago because he showed me that service. He told me that he was NIX’ed by mayor assistant believing that they also send spam which is not ture. After that if was discovered that Allen Park, Livonia, Inkster and several other Wayne County and Oakland County depts are using it. What this employee showed me sounds like if would have benefited DH if there is an emergency. Once again falling of deaf ears…… By the way NIXEL is FREE NO CHARGES TO THE CITIZENS


  3. Yeah-we are a bedroom rental property laden city. WC shut the hell up-yeah, garden city is great, westland too-they are both broke a$$ cities as DH will be soon too.


  4. You are absolutely right not all of us Value the same thing, as for the cell phone stipends, that does not benefit all the citizens this would benefit everyone, just the way I look at it. I think its important to the image of the city, I want our city to look good when people go to our web site they feel they are coming to a city, that is in-tuned to its citizens, and offering everything it can to the residents. That’s just the way I look at it, but I love technology, and what ever can make things easier to operate the city, make it more streamline, and maybe even save us some money is good to me.

    When the Mayor Washes his own car could you let me know I would love to see our Mayor doing that, and I would most certainly write a post about his car washing technique, we could have a panel of judges and hold up cards for his score I don’t mean to make light of your comment, just having some fun, I do understand where you are coming from point taken.
    Would all so like you to know that this has been a subject discussed by all the city council members for over a year.


  5. When the mayor chooses not to spend money on something he is being petty and backwards. When he chooses to spend money on something he is foolhardy and wasteful. Wasn’t this site complaining about $60 cell phone stipends?

    Not all residents value the same city service equally. I value some services more than others do and vice versa. Why is this particular issue so important? Why is this the issue dejour?

    Tune in tomorrow to read how well the mayor washes his car.


  6. I know the minutes are on the city site, and the agendas when they can get on to upload them. I had to FOIA for copies of meetings from Oct, and Nov of last year not that far back if they would be posted on the web site would not need to do that. What industrial base does, West land, or Garden city have, and I see no reason to have to move to have just a wee bit of technology, and some basic services that all most all cities offer. Like email subscription, if we had a web master many of these things would be up, and running. I would just like to be inline with the cities that sur-round us do not think that is to much to ask.
    Thank you so much for coming to the site, and hope to see you often.


  7. Minutes of the council meeting are available online at the city website. The agendas are also available. The meetings are on cable several times a week. This is not Dearborn or Garden City. We are a bedroom community and can not expect our city which has almost no industrial base to compete with them. You live in the wrong city for that to happen.

    You have a computer. There is no reason to FOIA a council meeting unless you are looking for one a couple years ago.


  8. We need to bring this up to the mayor he is the one that compares us we other citys. Just as I said before he rules ,him and his assistant together.We need a good clean up within our city and I mean administration.


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