IT Budget for 2009/2010

The budget for 2009/10 is $100,000 for IT, that is less than last year by $45,000.00. As of December 09 apox 36,500.00 been spent about 37% and still 6 months left on this budget. For one department in a 5 day period of time you had charges for $510.00, $377.50, and $220.00, in just 5 days, computers where down during this time in that department. Same department in the same month in a 4 day period of time has charges for $42.50, $127.50, and $1,195.00.  Total $2,472.50 just to give you an indication of whats going on. Now question is how much of these charges are for faulty equipment, that if replaced could have saved us some money? I think maybe council should get to the bottom of that, and make sure there is a policy in place to avoid unnecessary expenses for faulty equipment. Someone asked hear how are we going to pay for it, your paying for it already, your paying to keep old worn out equipment that should be replaced up and running. I’m not saying that every charge is for that reason, but would bet you a major part of the expenditures are for this kind of thing.  Good idea to look into, it might be a good idea to put that policy in place even before you start your study, have a feeling it will be quite awhile before we get a final plan.


2 thoughts on “IT Budget for 2009/2010”

  1. I told an IT friend of mine that they get $175 an hour and he almost fell out of his chair. He’d charge much less and do a heck of a better job. When is this going out for bid? I’ll bet there will be a lot of people interested.


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