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Was just told that one of the reasons for the internet filter was, because city employees going to sites like Face Book, My Space, Twitter, and Ebay. If you are running these kind of social networks and leaving them open on your desk top that does slow things down. I would think that there should be a way to block just these types of sites. Not shut down the whole internet for people, what about those that are elected to office, they should decide for themselves, if the Mayor who is elected can have the internet with out filter, then so should the other elected officials who have a department, the Treasurer for one.


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  1. This is addressed to “???” Are you not allowed to go onto the internet at work? What is the harm? Really? Who is it hurting? If it’s their break time and they want to check their bank account (or whatever), why can’t they? Again, who is it hurting? Why do you care if people that work for the city surf the net?

    Apparently the issue with the city’s network (from what I’ve read here) seems to be that the IT company doesn’t know what they’re doing. It seems that there is some sort of filter, so no time should be spent monitoring the system manually. So, I don’t know what your point is. From everything I’ve read, it seems the city needs a new IT company. And I know several that are interested and will work for much less money and do a way better job.


  2. Filtering is not that expensive if done properly. I am not sure I want city employees surfing the net, especially facebook. Who needs to be on facebook at work?

    Also it seems to me monitoring computer usage manually would take even more time thatn setting up a filter.

    Shut it down. Read a magazine on break.


  3. There is so much waste in the city I would love to take a look at all of the invoices for the IT for the past year, and see just how much was spent on the same repair over, and over again hope council members will be doing that. Also, find departments that are calling for very simply things. The best suggestion can not remember who said it was to have each department spending for IT calls out of their department budgets, hope they do that.


  4. You are absolutely correct, “???” but the applications themselves do not slow anything down. The only way they would slow down the network is if the things I said were being used, such as “watching video”, etc.

    It seems the city could have simply monitored internet usage and acted accordingly. It seems a waste of OUR taxpayers dollars on some elaborate filtering system. Not very happy about that!


  5. I think they should be fired if they are looking a porn it’s disgusting, if you can not wait until you get to your home to do that then you have a problem.


  6. If someone is looking at porn at work, by all means THAT PERSON should have their internet rights taken away and disciplined. Why would that even be brought up unless someone is guilty of doing that in their private office? Could it be someone has a guilty conscience?


  7. “FYI: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Ebay DO NOT slow anything down. So, whoever said that is feeding you a line of rubbish!”

    Facebook, Mysapce, etc all consume bandwidth. They also have all kinds of downloadable games, files, videos and pictures that also can consume greater amounts of bandwidth.

    How many computers are in city hall and what is this size of the line? What bandwidth is necessary to perform city functions? Is the city liable if an employee creates an unsafe work environment or does something rash via the internet?

    I am not in that much of a hurry to condemn filtering quite yet.


  8. Tonight went to the study session about the subject for the IT,found out some very interesting things, one of the many disturbing things was that anyone can down load, or put on a 3rd party program on their computer. This should never be allowed. Will be writing more on what happened tonight, I do think that if the Mayor being an elected official can have the IT remove the internet filter from his office computers, then I think the Clerk, and the Treasurer, should have the same option. City council said no to that suggestion made by Janet Badalow, because it has to be the same city wide their words, the comptroller ( who I do not understand why he has any say on this subject) said no, Liz and several other city council members said no. So if it’s suppose to be city wide the same for all that means for the Mayors office, and his computer. Little disturbing to hear our Mayor accuse city employees going to porn sites, but if he knows that for a fact they should be fired. Much more to discuses about this everyone should go to these very very interesting, at least this one was.


  9. FYI: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Ebay DO NOT slow anything down. So, whoever said that is feeding you a line of rubbish! The only thing that would slow down a network is downloading. An example of that is watching video, listening to music and actually downloading something to your computer.

    Where I work, nobody is restricted. Our boss is not a hypocrite. She goes on and so do we. That is just wrong of anybody. If work is getting done, why should this IT company decide they have the authority to block anybody? Wow. If something like this happened where I work, I’d sure have something to say about it!


  10. Eveyone should know by now that the mayor can do everything he wants to do he is the king of our city and will be as long as nobody stands up to him .We all need to get together including our council members and stand up to him,but there are only a couple of members that will do that if that. Come on all of us lets get together and get this city back on the track is was meant to be .Recall the mayor if he does what we pay him to do.His assistant needs to park the car that we have payed for and still paying for in a proper way before we have to buy her a new tire.You do not jam the tire against the curb and maybe she should pay for the rim that is missing too.


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