Request Denied.

My FOIA request for copies of the City council meetings for October, and November of 09 denied. Now I’m not saying that this is the fault of the administration, it’s totally my fault for assuming that I could just ask for them. I did not word the request the proper way, considering the feelings they have towards me at this time, should have known better.

I approached the head of the media department after a city council meeting in January, and asked for copies of them, he told me sure no problem we can make you DVD copies of them. Just send in a request to the Mayors office, and they will send it over to me, I will call you when you can pick them up. Shouldn’t have thought it would be that easy, someone told me that I could just walk in, and ask for them, they would be more than happy to do it for me. Told me in the past they’ve done it for other people . Well for sure they do not consider me other people, I had no idea when I asked for these councilwoman Horvath had asked for a copy of a Feb 09 meeting. (that tape was deleted) I will be submitting a new request, with the right wording this time, and hope that it’s granted.

The administration has answered all FOIA request we’ve submitted so far.


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