It’s Important..

What I’ve uncovered just by doing a little investigating, a lot of reading of the charter and going to the council meetings opened my eyes. What I thought was just fine turns out not to be so. I know that there are so many of you out there who are frustrated, and angry at what’s going on. Then join the rest of us at the next city council meeting, don’t talk if you don’t want to, but come sit in, let the Mayor and our council see that you are paying attention to what’s going on in your city. I was a very big supporter of our Mayor, but I can’t do that anymore, I can not turn a blind eye to someone who so blatantly violates the very charter that he swore before a judge to uphold. I was sitting in the chamber when he took that oath, and I thought well for sure he will make a change, for sure he’s not going to take this oath, and then carry on in the same fashion. I know I know stupid, but I did think that he would take care of all of the wrong that he’s done. I was wrong, so I keep writing, and we keep going to the council meetings, and keep talking and keep asking for our Mayor to take care of the problem he made. Is wrong doing by our politicians so commonplace that we do not even bat an eyelash at it anymore? Have we gotten so use to it that we expect nothing less from them, do we even care anymore when they run ram-shot with the law? We all do it we all take a back seat when it comes to politics not everyone has a taste for it, and it is a dirty business no matter what anyone says. Take the time, come to the meetings they are at 8:00pm the next one is 2-9-10 I hope I will see many faces there.


1 thought on “It’s Important..”

  1. Noneedtoknow

    I can not put up your comment, as you know we try to stick to the truth, you are entitled to your opinion yes, but in your comment you make an assertion of wrong doing by a city employee, without facts to back that up I will not post it. Now dearbornheights might have a different take on it, and be willing to post it that is up to them. I’m very sorry about that I have herd the rumors, about this person, but can not prove it, so with out something solid to back it up, I don’t write about it. Having said all of that I highly doubt that what you’re thinking would happen to you would, I do not think things are so far gone in the city, that they would start doing things like that.
    Look forward to hearing from you.


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