I Hope He Stands By His Words..

Tomorrow the time is up for the reply from the city on the request I put in for copies of the city council meetings for Nov, and Dec of 2009.  The Mayor at the last city council meeting had this to say when this very subject came up.

I hope that the city is not going to make me go to court for this, it’s a simply request. I think under the charter we can get them even without a FOIA. So if you are looking here Mr. Mayor please make sure you stand by your words.


1 thought on “I Hope He Stands By His Words..”

  1. No we did not receive an answer yet, not to my request, or Zouhers. I hope they are not going to put the city through going to court, and costing the tax payers money. They are in violation should have had the response by now, and by the way they will get charged our lawyers fees for this, if it goes to court that is. Ok update just got a call from home, a package came in for Zouher from the city, but nothing for me.


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