Who’s talking?

Well, we are back at it, not one of the several department heads that spoke at the last city council meeting went to the mic to speak, or introduced themselves. I was sitting right in the chamber and could not see who was talking, or in some cases can’t ever hear them. Someone was giving a detailed explanation who did and did not sign off on some properties. Could not tell you who it was, but they could have gotten up, and introduced themselves, and talked at the mic to let us know that. An explanation was given on how a city council meeting tape was erased, the cameraman turned the camera around to film the gentlemen speaking if he wouldn’t have done that would not have known who it was. I know I’m just too picky sorry, I now it takes a little time to walk up to the mic, and maybe it’s a pain, but just think it looks so much better. They were doing it for a while don’t know why they stopped?


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