Red Faced, Finger Pointing Small Man..

Red-faced finger-pointing small man. That’s the Mayor for ya, just point, shout, and yell until you shut them up, but as she said litigation or not Mr. Mayor she is working in our city illegally. Shout all you want, point your finger all you want the facts are the facts, and they are not going away if you have violated the charter Mr. Mayor what can happen to you? Your a scared little man that has no ground to stand on, so when you are left with no other out, you just fall back on the same old line, I won’t talk about it. It’s part of litigation, why even show up to the meetings if you are not willing to discuss the wrongdoing done by you? Watching you is like watching a spoiled child that’s been told yes for so long that they no longer understand the word NO!

NO, Mr. Mayor, you can not do whatever you want.

NO, we are not going to take it anymore.

NO, we will not let you violate our charter so blatantly without saying a word.

The new word you should get used to is NO! You have gone too far Mr. Mayor, I don’t know what can be done to you if you violate the charter, I will read our charter, and find out, but this can not continue like this, this could have been taken care of in such a simple way if you would have been a leader instead of acting like a little baby. This isn’t about I’ll show all of you who is boss around here, this is about law, and order, about the tax payers of your city. It’s about setting the example for the rest to follow. You are the head of this city, and frankly, I would like a new head, keep going Mr. Mayor at your own risk. There are rules, and when you brake those rules there are consequences  all of us have to live by the law, why are you so different? Your not above the law Mr. Mayor, as much as corporate counsel would like to interpret the charter to fit the situation, the charter is not left open for interpretation.  The way I have read the charter, I see no room for interpretation, imagine if I would go before the council and say to them ‘the way I interpret the charter it says this.’ I can bet you corporation counsel would be the first to answer by saying the charter is not open for interpretation.


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