A Shameful Display..

What a Shameful Display by our Mayor, this is the man  the people of Dearborn Heights voted for. This man who made it painfully obvious that he can not handle any kind of pressure. Our Mayor had a full-blown ti raid at city council, for what reason well of course, because of the sore spot. When councilwoman Horvath asked if she was working in the NSP program, that the city council agreed to make two positions for, our Mayor lost it. He went on to say that councils been told that they can not  talk about this, so Mr. Mayor you want to shut the mouth of the only people who we the voters have to ask the tough questions. You would have the very people who are trying to stop you from violating the charter shut up, while you get to keep doing whatever you want with  regards to this person.

You move them after their 6 months are up, but they can not say a word about it because they’ve been told they can’t discuss it. You hire her for a job before it was even created, and they have to shut up. You keep her after the 6 months are up, in clear violation of the charter ( until corporate counsel will state the section that it say’s they can do that) I will keep saying they can not, and they’re told they can not talk about it. She civil service test, to take a new position, without leaving the city for 6 months, and guess what you got it they can not talk about it. How convenient for you Mr. Mayor to make sure that the very people who could do something about this, again told they could not discuss it. So the council’s put in an impossible position, they want to do right by the voters, they want to up- hold the charter, but our Mayor’s making sure that they can not. To see his reaction tonight to yell at a city council member, all because he can not stand to have someone stand up to him, and tell him you Mr. Mayor are violating everything you swore to uphold. Mr. Mayor you caved under just one question, she did not even get to finish what she was trying to say before you were down her throat. That disgusting display put into question just how reasonable you are, have you gone too far? What happened to you Mr. Mayor you use to be a reasonable man.


The Council May subpoena witnesses, administer oath, and compel the production of books, papers, and other evidences needed to conduct formal investigations into the conduct of any department, office or officer of the City and make investigations as to malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance, or irregularities in municipal affairs. Failure to obey such subpoena or to produce books, papers, or other evidence as ordered under the provisions for this section shall constitute misconduct in office.

misfeasance definition

mis·fea·sance (mis fēzəns)


Law wrongdoing; specif., the doing of a lawful act in an unlawful or improper manner
malfeasance definition

mal·fea·sance (mal fēzəns)


wrongdoing or misconduct, esp. by a public official; commission of an act that is positively unlawful
nonfeasance definition

non·fea·sance (nän′fēzəns)


Law failure to do what duty requires to be done
Now reading the definitions could you please tell me which one of these our Mayor did not do. Well maybe it’s just time for the council to call an investigation, after tonight’s deplorable display is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that this man is desperately trying to hide something. Our Mayor has gone so far out that there is little hope to have him come back to his senses, he has lost all self-control. To lash out in such a way to put a stop to someone’s legitimate question is not reasonable, but what about this whole subject is reasonable?
He even went so far as to say to council member Badalow that he had challenged her before about this subject, challenging them one, and all to say who they work for? Well Mr. Mayor they work for the voters, they work to make sure our charter is followed, they are not working for anyone else, how dare you suggest that they are working for anyone, but the truth, the law, and the charter you owe each, and every one of the them an apology Mr. Mayor, but we all know that will not happen. You would rather put them in the worst light possible before you would admit that you made a mistake. Thought you were a bigger man than that, but it takes a big man to admit he made a mistake, and even bigger one to correct it.
Can we all be wrong?  City council members are wrong and can not read, the people who come here and have also looked at the charter can not read, me and no less than 10 people, have looked at the charter. We’re all not reading it right we’re all interpreting it wrong, we’ve all missed that special rule that they Mayor is talking about?
Folks read the charter it’s on the city web site if you find something we’ve all missed please post it in the comment section. All in all not a good night for our Mayor, or the taxpayers of this city.

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