Make it Up as We Go…

So the sore spot tested for the new position of executive  secretary, how is she even able to? In order for her to get hired for a new position in the city she has to leave the city for 6 months. A new position is what she will be hired for because she’s been hired for the NSP program, that she never worked a day in. Then they moved her to the HR department, but that position budgeted out in June, so no emergency there. Then she appears in the Mayor’s office in September, but it was not until December when he put it to the civil service that he needed to hire someone to fill the executive secretary position, and he had to fill it in an emergency. So if she was there in September why didn’t he report the emergency then, by that time her 6 months was up  her temporary position done. Not that she ever worked in that position, to begin with. She has now tested for a position that she has no right legally or otherwise to test for.

What if she gets the job, if by some divine intervention it happens, because according to the skills needed for this job, she does not have them. What about the 200 + that have tested for it, and the 50 invited back to do the typing test, and the second civil service test? If she gets hired will they have grounds for a law suite? I would think so considering the circumstances surrounding the hiring of this person in the first place. Considering how many times the charters been violated, and still, nothing’s being done about it. So how did our civil service commission even except this person testing, why hasn’t the city council members interceded, and said no? More and more questions with out answers, why is she still in the city? I think every one is just making it up as they go along, and what is to stop others from doing the same damn thing in the city?

Our Mayor has set a precedent for this kind of behavior from now on. How can he ever tell anyone that they can not hire who they want when they want, and in what ever way they want from this day forward? He cannot he can never point his finger, and say no you can’t do that because he showed everyone that yes you can. You can violate our city charter for all the good it is, and nothing will happen to you. You can turn your back on the city council, thumb your nose that them, and you’ll not be held accountable for what ever you do. The ones that tried were badgered and almost yelled at in council meetings, all because they were trying to protect the voters.

As the Mayor so often has pointed out to all of us it’s me, me, me, and only me who will have the last say. I thought that maybe that was not going to happen well sorry to say it looks like it’s that way, and then some. His way, and that’s it, and he sure as hell will get his way no matter what, who’s to stop him, not us, not the council, not the civil service commission so on we go to round two. So many of us are waiting to see if she gets the job.


1 thought on “Make it Up as We Go…”

  1. I really wish his not following the the City Charter was important to the citizens of Dearborn Heights. However, he has never done things the legal and ethical way, and he was still elected. He believes and has always believed that he can do anything he wants and he does. Even when the Council challenges him, and he throws one of his hissy fits, they always back down, so what good are they. They don’t truly fight him. His Corporation Council lies for him and nobody challenges him, so he continues to get away with it.


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