So Many Questions, So Little Answers…

Another city council meeting  January 26th, waiting to see if they are going to do anything about a certain someone who is still working in our city. Hired for the NSP program, and still, they have not worked a day in it, two (2) job positions created for the NSP program, as an emergency, must have been some emergency if the jobs never got filled. Just a way for our Mayor to get them in the city, and getting a pay check, he must have known all along that once in you do not have to leave. Last February is when he proposed the second job creation, approved by council in March of last year, and yet almost one year later one person hired never tested, and never worked a day getting paid under NSP, and the other position never filled. So how is the Mayor righting this wrong? Can’t see that he is, by posting a job for exec sec, how does that have anything to do with the two positions created for the NSP? it doesn’t. How does that have anything to do with this person working in the city under every thing, except what they were hired for it doesn’t. If you don’t want them to leave the city then put them in NSP after all that is what they were hired for, let them test and be done with it. Oh sorry you can’t do that their 6 months has long passed. Oh what’s that it doesn’t matter we just moved them some place else. They are 4 months into their second 6 months period then what Mr. Mayor another move to another department?

Would some one please ask (from where is this person being paid?) What about our NSP grant we get 18 months to spend the money, whats been spent on purchasing homes?  How much of the 10% allowed to spend on administering NSP has been spent? Another words how much is left? Does anyone know? Krissy should she is the head of this program, and why is that still have not been able to figure out how she would even be qualified to handle such a program. Oh, so many questions, so little answers, why is that? I thought the Mayor has an open door policy, guess that just applies to walking into his office with out an appointment, doesn’t refer to anything else. If you want to talk about agendas the Mayor is the King Of Agendas we are just playing catch up.


8 thoughts on “So Many Questions, So Little Answers…”

  1. I can’t see how she would make it in the top 3 no way if she does well that’s another fight for another day.


  2. That’ what it says tattle tale, and you have to show that there is an emergency to begin with right? As for being a renter, hope the property owner he’s renting from is paying property taxes as a rental property sure would hate for the city not to get the money they should get.


  3. Even if she tested, she has to place in the top 3 in order to interview/get the position. But, I’m sure there are ways around that, if you know what I mean!


  4. Hi Mike,
    I’m sure there are part time employees on the payroll. I was just referring to the city charter, which states that the only part time employees that are allowed to stay over the 6 month period are people employed with the recreation department. I hope I’m reading that correctly. I do understand that there are 2 or 4 new positions that were recently created in the AFSCME union. But, they have yet to advertise, test ,etc. If there are other part time employees on the payroll, they are there violating the charter. Surely nothing will be done about this. I don’t know what people could actually do to see that rules are actually enforced. If the mayor doesn’t care, then who will?


  5. Our snake in the grass Mayor has allowed many part timers to say much longer than 6 months. The only union that could get involved had no luck having the part timers removed until just recently. Pressure for many sources I believe contributed to finally getting rid of part timers. As a union member myself I believe as many others do that if the City needs to fill any position it should be posted and tested. The Civil Service Commission asked many times when that situation was going to be resolved. HR had their hands tied. I for one feel the executive secretary position should be filled fairly. Since Ms. Rachel has finally tested for the position I am confident she will somehow be the one selected. Have no fear this girl whether she gets that job will still be working for the City in some position. What Mr. Mayor wants he gets! What is so special about this person that even after she was refused a position in Community & Economic Development by the past Director because the position had to be tested. We all know what happened to the past Director don’t we? So Mr. Mayor hid her in HR for 6 months and then moved her into his office calling it a 2nd appointment! That is absolutely rediculous. But again Mr. Mayor gets who and what he wants. How much money have we, the taxpayers, paid the many City attorneys who have worked on this. As a renter Mr. Mayor doesn’t pay property taxes.


  6. That is not accurate tattle tale- only recently with the economy being so poor has part time employees duration of employment come to the fore-front. There are part time employess on the payroll that have been on longer than six months-trust me. Doesn’t being a barmaid and being able to count change qualify her for such postions as she has been
    “appointed” to? Lol


  7. I think this city needs a new leadership. Not a leader that has no social skills. And has not done anything for this city.


  8. Part time employees are not allowed to work past 6 months, unless it is an emergency. I guess it depends what the definition of an “emergency” is. I’m sure in this case, it is whatever the administration wants it to be. So unfair to others that could use a job! Per the city charter (at least how I interpret it) she should absolutely not still be there.


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