Is She Doing Her Job?

Here is what In My Opinion wrote today in the comment section in response to dearbornheights post Utter Disappointment. Would appreciate feed back on this one, I did post a comment in response even though I did not write the post. I love to hear from this person they always make me take a step back, and look at what I’m writing, and to ask myself hard questions.

Is she doing her job? Isn’t her job to answer phones in the mayor’s office? Who should do that until someone else is hired? Somebody does have to be there, don’t they? I have a feeling this young lady has taken her fair share of abuse from people on this forum for doing nothing more than being hired.

Last time I brought this up, no one could tell me that she actually was doing a bad job, just that they did not like her because of how she was hired. And now we are spending money to possibly replace someone who was doing the job just fine.

What a waste.

It is easy to endlessly complain. It is much harder to come up with real solutions.

But hey let the agenda drum beat go on.


1 thought on “Is She Doing Her Job?”

  1. There are a lot of people out there that would love that job. And to be hired without testing and interviewing like everybody else has, is against City Charter and is just wrong. I’m sure she is doing a fine job. But, they should follow the rules! Personally, I agree. She has taken abuse from this forum. I don’t think that it is her that should be abused! But, she is there, knowing full well that she hasn’t been hired as outlined in the City Charter. And as far as “spending money to possibly replace someone who was doing the job just fine”, let her test like everybody else has to do to get a job with the city. Then she can have the job and know that she got it fairly!!


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