Have an update on the waste of tax payer’s money, according to a knowledgeable source, the contract that the company holds for computer work in our, city, has never gone for bidding. Never has it gone for an open bid, meaning we have no idea if there is another company out there that could do the job for less, and or better than how it’s being done right now. After asking someone in this field how much they would charge for this, they said on average $30.00-40.00 an hour, but how would we ever know if the contract is never put out for bid. There’s some discussion about new IT at city council meetings, and I hope we will be getting an answer soon. Whatever happens, this should go for open bid as soon as it can.

When I get more I will be sure to put it up here.


1 thought on “Update.”

  1. You have it right call you city council members, and ask them to do something about it. Even if they give you the run around you should still talk at the city council meeting.


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