Is It A Waste Of Tax Payers Money?

With a computer company getting $170.00 an hour I thought I would just take some time, make some calls, and find out just why in the hell the Mayor and the comptroller think this is a justified use of taxpayer money. Before I get into that some things I found under Michigan Law did you know for instance that,

General Budget Provisions

Michigan Compiled Law (MCL) section 141.412 requires that a public hearing be held on
the proposed budget prior to the legislative body formally adopting the
budget. The time, date and location of the public hearing must be published at
least six days prior to the hearing. Copies of the proposed budget must be
available for public inspection from the date the notice of the public hearing
is published and thereafter.

And you should be aware of this one too, this is most important for what I’m going to

(MCL 88.20) The council shall audit and allow all accounts chargeable against
the city but no account or claim or contract shall be received for audit or
allowance, unless it shall be accompanied with a certificate of an officer of
the corporation (city), or an affidavit of the person rendering it, to the
effect that he verily believes that the services therein charged have been
actually performed or the property delivered for the city, that the sums charged
therefore are reasonable and just, and that no set-off exists, nor payment has
been made on account thereof.

Now that we have taken a look at this let us begin.

  • Has the city council approved $170.00 an hour for the company doing our IT?
  • When was the last time they put this contract up for bidding if ever? From what I understand she has never had to bid on this contract.
  • When if ever did our city council test the market to see if this is the best deal for the city?
  • What is this persons educational back ground? Looking at the website for this company I can find nothing on certificates, certification, or education period.

The comptroller,approved these invoices, when did he over see the work.
Does our comptroller think that this is reasonable, and just (MCL 88.22) way to spend tax payer money.
The Mayor who I might add is a CPA, and renews it every year, has signed off on each,and every one of these invoices.
What is the underlying factors for this excess spending on a service,that might be done for less?

Question to the Mayor:

Mr. Mayor do you believe that $170.00 an hour is a just,and reasonable way to spend tax payers money? Did you investigate any one of what I’m sure should be several invoices submitted by this company? I sure hope you are not having the Assistant to the Mayor over seeing this companies invoices. I would think that this would be a problem. After all, she is going on vacation with the owner of this company to her condo this is well known.

Note, since the publishing of this post the comptroller and the company doing IT for the City are no longer a part of the City.


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