Stipends For Cell Phones

See update about this subject below this post published in 2009

My sources tell me that if you are ‘in’ with the Mayor you might get this stipend.  Not all who  work in the city get this cell phone  stipend. Who are these people? According to an anonymous source both the comptroller and the deputy comptroller receive this stipend and neither ever conduct business outside of the city.  Same source say’s that the comptroller spends more time outside smoking then he does in his office. (Every 20 min or so) according to anonymous, source so why can’t they use the phones in their offices? Who if anyone should be getting this special perk? I could see some city officers needing something like this, the ones that spend much time out of the office, and need to return calls, and conduct official biz for the city. To have someone who never leaves his office getting this (PERK)? Just thought you guys might like to know, tell me what you think I would like to get as much feed back as possible about this.

Update, there are no longer any stipends give for Cell Phones the comptroller written about in this post is no longer with the City. 


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