Restraining Motion Filed by Mayor..

These are just 3 pages from the restraining motion that the Mayor filed click on them to magnify them. There are several things that are not true in this motion, but most disturbing the fact that he is accusing the city council of excepting money from my Mr. Zouher Abdel-Hak, how could he put his name to such a lie? Out raged does not convey how I feel. I will write more later. This motion was denied by the judge

Notice: link to full motion, and law suite taken down, my readers are entitled to know why? I was asked to, and with much reservation, and none to happy about it have done so. I did express my reservations, to the people who asked me to do this.


1 thought on “Restraining Motion Filed by Mayor..”

  1. pigheaded

    The Mayor or his lawyers did not ask to take down the link someone else did, and I am not willing at this time to say who it was. I am not happy about it, but I did it, you are right the blog is for everyone, and I am sorry that I took the link down, but I felt it was in the best interest of my head to do so no other explanation except that. I did not need the head ache it was going to give me to leave it up. Be reassured there was no intimidation evolved, I am sorry you feel that I am a coward, and you are most certainly entitled to your say, I hear you loud, and clear.


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