Where is She?

Oh come on guy’s Where is she, is she still working for the city?  Well if you want to know where she is just poke your head in the Mayor’s office, and oh there she is working right there. Everyone knows she’s there, what they should ask is; Mr. Mayor is she still working in your office? The Mayor, and his non answers, Mr. Mayor is she still working for the city? Yes, she is, that is how he should have answered the questions simple to the point. He can never answer a direct question with a direct answer.  I would like to echo the words that someone I believe Mr. Berry said it was Maria while he was talking, “Bull Shit” I believe was the word used, I second that. This whole subject is Bull Shit, and then some, slowly painfully like pulling teeth we just might get to the bottom of this.



9 thoughts on “Where is She?”

  1. Hey, Incog, you are a real breath of fresh air…..ha! I love hearing someone repeat with clarity and emotion, the rules and regulations, the charter, the law! I am breathless reading your common sense! Please, more, more!
    Because you are new to the scene, maybe someone will pay attention to what you say. Kathy, as well as others, have been blackballed and called nuts, troublemakers, and uninformed. She, and the others, are not nuts, nor troublemakers, and are well informed. They can see through the charade and the drama the admin is forcing upon us.
    Please, give me more! I await the sight of your comments with baited breath!


  2. I’m extremely pleased to uncover this website. I wanted to thank you for your time, and for this excellent study – I definitely appreciated every single bit of it, and already have you book marked to check out new stuff.


  3. I did hear that she does not own a car, I think that they have to put down miles that are not used for city business, but who is to know. Might be a good question to ask our city council, who monitors the miles, gas, and so on. Another good question, does the insurance for the car cover when it is not being used on city business? I do think Part Time should be part time that is it 6 mo your out.


  4. You are absolutely correct! I’m sure most prior administrations did not follow all the rules, but they were just not as obvious! At least hiring practices were adhered to! The secretaries that were in the Mayor’s Office were tested and were hired under the Civil Service rules. And they lasted through several Mayors without any problems. Part-timers were exactly that, PART TIMERS (6 months only -according to the AFSCME contract). They didn’t work full time taking away union jobs for years on end. I do hope that things change in our city. I want to be proud to live in Dearborn Heights and don’t want my tax dollars spent on employees that are hired going against the city contract and city charter. And I certainly don’t want my tax dollars wasted on an assistant that drives around doing personal errands and going to her second job in a city vehicle. Payment, gas, insurance, maintenance all paid for by the city. From what I’ve heard, she doesn’t even own a car. That’s some perk!!!


  5. Lifetime Resident

    Thank you so much for coming to the blog, you are understanding right, and he tried to create a department for communications out of his office, that would have been another 49,000.00 a year. Yes they have questioned at the council meetings to no avail. I like your idea, and thank you for it I will post the next meeting, and ask that people come to it. I would like to take this time to ask you to come to the next meeting, thank you in advance for your attendance.


  6. I just heard about this website a week ago and decided to come visit.

    I didn’t know all this contraversy was going on in the city I have lived in 45 years.

    I don’t agree with any personal attacks on the mayor but I am questioning his need for so much assitance to do his job.

    As I understand it (please someone, correct me if I am wrong), he has two part-time secretaries, one full-time secretary and one assistant (who drives a city car to a second job). This seems excessive to me, especially in view of the fact our city is in financial strains.

    Has anyone questioned this at a council meeting? If so, what was said?

    I feel for the city council as they cannot do much until more residents step forward. If only a few people attend the meetings and voice their opinions, it just looks like a few are having problems. However, when a large group floods the council meetings I know from the past, things get done and quickly.

    So whoever is in charge of this blog should post a council meeting date and time they would like everyone to attend and don’t be afraid to tell your neighbors either, as they are probably as clueless as I have been.


  7. Seriously? Should the cost of posting, testing, going through applications, etc. actually be an issue? It should be about the rules of civil service. Have you ever heard of “equal opportunity”? Let this person do things the way it’s supposed to be done with all of the above things I have indicated and if they are able to pass the test, then they can have the job. Fair is fair. Until this administration began, rules and procedures were followed. Now, it seems that they just do whatever they want. There are TONS of qualified people in Michigan that would KILL for a job such as this. A fair chance should be given to all, at whatever “cost”. And “cost” is funny. Paying people to do their job! Wow, what a concept!
    As for the secretary that was hired NOT following civil service rules, who cares if she is good at her job. Again, there are TONS of people that would be more than qualified for this position!


  8. In My Opinion:
    Thank you so much for coming to the blog love having you here I always liked to read what you have to say. I just wanted to say a few things, the person that is in his office was hired for the NSP program, if you read what the city council voted on in the post, you will see that these two jobs had to be posted. In the job offer given to this person, they are to be paid from NSP money only, and when the money runs out they are let go.(also in this post) They do not get a job for life, and this person was to go through testing, as is said in their job offer letter from the city. The job was not as a secretary to his office. I am in full agreement with you, who he wants to hire as a secretary to his office is up to him, but this person was not hired as a secretary.
    I would also like to say that what I am writing about has nothing to do with advancing a law suite what it does have something to do with is a mayor that hired a person, and has given them full benefits in violation of the city charter, and what the city council voted on in February, he is spending our money on this person, and is keeping her even after her 6 mo temp job has expired. He has now moved her to another temp job, what benefit is she serving the city, why are we the tax payer’s having to pay for this person, who as far as I can tell has yet to work a day on NSP, and if she has with out doing the civil testing that she is required to do then they have an even bigger problem on their hands. I do not like games, lies, and sneaky behavior I have a big problem with it. Just follow that rules, and laws the same rules, and laws that all of us who live in this society have to follow, he is not above the law. The mayor can not make it up as he goes along, I expect, and demand my government to work better then this.

    Your opinion is greatly valued here, and is needed we need to see all side of an issue, and I do thank you so much for coming here, and giving yours, a healthy discussion is always a good thing.


  9. I am not sure the relevant questions are getting asked.

    How much will posting the position, going through hundreds of applications, testing and evaluation cost? I doubt it is cheaper than appointing someone. I bet the salary will be higher too.

    And after all this, if I understand the civil service process, the mayor will probably pick his selection from a list anyways.

    So all this has done is cost the city money. And for what? A vendetta? The furthering of a lawsuit?

    Maybe, just maybe, that rare magic person will be hired who can work for different mayors seamlessly. But that will probably not be the case, and the next mayor will be stuck with whomever our present mayor picks. The possible ramifications are not good for the city.

    Also, I have heard little discussion as to whether the present secretary is actually good at her job. When I have had occassion to call the mayor, I was not dissapointed at the service. I may have not gotten the answer I wished to hear, but I thought the tone and attitude of the person was just fine.

    So not only are the taxpayers wasting money on going through an unneccesary process, we may get someone who is far worse, and stuck with them for years to come.



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