New Phone System For City Hall?

If you’ve looked at the Council Packet for the February 24 meeting you will have noticed an item about new phone system the Mayor is asking the council to approve for City Hall. The phone system is now 10 years old out dated I’m sure. The Mayor is asking for Voice over Internet Protocol system. While the Council is looking into approving this expenditure to update the phone system they might like to watch the last council meeting. I’m not asking them to watch the council meeting for any content I’m asking them to watch the meeting  themselves so they can see what the City is making the residents watch. The picture is so dark looking the sound well all I can say is to hear it you have to turn up the volume very high. With new security cameras up and running all around City Hall and now a new Phone system being asked for. Why not some advanced new equipment for Council Meetings. Maybe a ‘green screen’ software for the shows being taped for the City to put different backgrounds in. New lighting, new sound, new cameras, I know there isn’t much money these days, but there was enough for security system with cameras. The phone system will be paid for with a grant, but maybe some of that money from the cable company’s instead of using all of it to balance the budget use some of it to get this equipment.

Time For A Change And It’s Not Too Early.

This year is an election year for three of the sitting council members Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton Council Chair Barron and Councilman Ned Apigian. As more and more people are starting to wonder why our City doesn’t have this or that you can point to one body of the Dearborn Heights Government and your questions would be answered. Dearborn Heights City Council for years stood in the way of progress for no other reason than they don’t understand it. Those council members past and present who’ve tried to make improvements have been “black balled” for lack of a better word. Their initiatives have never gained any support from fellow council members. The list of those initiatives too numerous to write about in this post. Initiatives that would have saved the City money informed the residents and if implemented worked for administration and taxpayer alike.

The administration is to blame for much of what hasn’t gotten done in this City. The Mayor isn’t up for re-election this year and as a City we need to start changing. That change for the betterment of the City should start with the Council. The lack of vision on City Council is staggering a Council that likes to hide behind being ‘stewards of our money.’ This is their job yes, but I would dare say that they could… if they wanted to do so much more. It’s  obvious they don’t they lack a vision for the City of Dearborn Heights. They lack the knowledge of what’s available to them to use. Even when it’s brought to their attention they refuse to bring things to the City that residents are asking for. Maybe the residents don’t pick up the phone or send them e-mails, but they are talking. They do notice what the City doesn’t have. They may not come to Council meetings, but they have taken notice. What has driven me crazy for years is as much talking as the public does do they dont’ show up on election day. This the only time that in my opinion that we as residents can make a difference.

The Council… even if they had a hundred taxpaying residents sitting at a council meeting wouldn’t even care. For years, I had the illusion that if we showed up at council meetings it would mean something to the council members. If we showed our faces there just showed up and let them know we are listening and watching it would get things done here.  Nothing has changed not by the Mayor and not by the Council. The truth is the only way that we are ever going to see some kind of changes in the City of Dearborn Heights is to start by electing new council members. The only way that this will happen is if people are willing to run in the first place. I would love to see six or seven people run, but not just anyone. We just elected Bob Constan and as far as I can see he would just like to keep his head down until his time is up. That’s the impression I get the man hasn’t stood by one thing that’s been brought by the residents. Sorry, but that isn’t doing the residents a lick of good.


I want candidates that use “smart phones” that’s right if you want my vote not only do you use a smart phone you understand about social media. You have at the very least a Facebook page, or Twitter account that you actively post on. Not something you set up a month before your election. I want you to talk and actively come to me with how you are going to get us live streaming council meetings.  I demand that you are going to insist on getting a Facebook Page for the City how you plan to go about that. I want to see you making plans for an e-letter or at the very least actively planning on joining councilwoman Hicks-Clayton in hers. I want to know that you know what a ‘tablet PC’ is or an iPad how you would like to use this technology in the city and why. I demand that you are well aware of our budget and what each department is spending and what ideas you would bring to the city in the form of technology that could save the City time and money.  In short we don’t need more of the same.

If you know anyone that you think would make a good candidate nows the time to start talking to them and getting them ready. Now’s the time for them to start attending council meetings. Look at each agenda packet and what money is spent on.   Now’s the time to start talking to  residents about getting out and voting and why they should vote.  Now’s the time to make plans for election day. You think it’s too early to start making these plans it’s not.


The Southwest Dearborn Heights Neighborhood Association invites you to Light The Night.

You are invited! Join us for the Dearborn Heights Light the Night 2015 organization & planning meeting on Thursday, Feb. 12th, 6:30 p.m. at the Justice Center, 25637 Michigan Ave., Dearborn Heights. Uniting our community in the fight against crime!
You are invited! Join us for the Dearborn Heights Light the Night 2015 organization & planning meeting on Thursday, Feb. 12th, 6:30 p.m. at the Justice Center, 25637 Michigan Ave., Dearborn Heights. Uniting our community in the fight against crime!

On Tuesday February 10, 2015 there was some talk about this program at the City Council meeting. Councilwoman Horvath brought it up because she had read the article in the Dearborn Press and Guide about this. She wanted to know why the council wasn’t informed about this so when they started getting calls they could tell people what it was all about. She said that she after calling council members discovered that they were not notified. She all so said she wanted to make it clear that she wasn’t against doing something about crime. Something along those lines.  First let’s get to the bottom of the why she along with others didn’t know about this. Well… several of you some time ago didn’t want to receive anymore e-mails from Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton. You told her that from what I gathered by what she said at the council meeting.  If you had taken the time and showed the least bit of interest in what is happening in your City you could have and should sign up for the e-letter that Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton has been doing on her own time. Next maybe if Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton was showed one iota of support from the rest of you lovely Council members she would have.

Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton didn’t start this the Southwest Dearborn Heights Neighborhood Association did. The president of that association contacted the officer in charge of these things (neighborhood watch and such) and Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton. The officer was on board from the get-go very happily. Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton all so was supportive of the idea. They next went to the Mayor of the City of Dearborn Heights. The association isn’t using taxpayer money for this so the Council doesn’t need to vote yes or no. Next  to try to criticize such a wonderful intuitive is Councilman Kosinski who thought it was a good idea to point out to us the philosophical aspect of this.  After all the electrical companies are telling us to use less, and how is it going to look when we are asking our residents to keep their lights on. Oh and this is going to cause a burden for already struggling residents. Hey, Jo just in case you missed it the police department has been asking residents for years to turn on their outside lights. It’s one of the biggest deterrents against crime.  As for people not being able to afford it and how can ‘we’ ask them? Who is the ‘we?’ I will say it again this isn’t a City program no one’s being forced to get the light bulb if you get a light bulb they ask that you turn it on at night. This will cost the resident who is going to use the light bulb outside $10.00 a year.

There is much more to this program than just a light bulb  now if you read the article in the Press and Guide you are well aware of what they are trying to accomplish with this program.  You’d know that the program is asking for everyone all associations, clubs, City officials to get involved in this program. You’d know that they want to clean up the neighborhoods of tall grass, abandoned cars, blighted homes and to expand the neighborhood watch program. Councilwoman Horvath you could have picked up a phone and called your colleagues and asked her what it was all about. You could have sent her an e-mail asking for the details. You didn’t need to discuss this at a council meeting as if she had done something wrong by only doing as you and others on the council asked her to do. Not to send you any more emails she did as you and others wished. This wasn’t related to council business as a matter of fact this isn’t gong to cost the City a dime.



The Mayor attended the meeting, not one council member showed up besides I’m sure Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton.


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Dearborn Heights Light the Night 2015

The Dearborn Heights Light the Night 2015 campaign is a city-wide program designed to increase public awareness and encourage participation in our Community Awareness, crime prevention programs.   Things are moving along, as we develop partnerships with our schools, businesses, neighborhood associations,and our residents!  We have a planning & organization meeting on Thursday, Feb. 12th, 6:30 p.m. at the Justice Center.   We hope you will consider joining us, as we work together to unite our community in the fight against crime.
Lisa Hicks-Clayton & Carol Stuart
GMCA President    & SWDHNA President
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