I Care About Council Chair.


Council chair has to careIn January, the very first vote of the Council will be to pick a new council chair. Dearborn Heights isn’t like the City Dearborn the highest vote getter doesn’t get to picked as council chair. Here in Dearborn Heights the Council members vote for the Council Chair position. In the past residents have never had a say in this or should I say never paid attention. We do have a say or should at least make sure that the council chair voted in by council members is one that will allow issues that affect us to be voted on.

The only way that these issues will even have a chance for discussion and vote is to get on the agenda. Council Chair is the person on the council who decides what makes it on the agenda. Over many years, I’ve written about some of these very important issues and others have worked on trying to make sure these issues make it to the light of day. A few of us put together a list of items that have been discussed by many of you right here or on the Truth Page when it was up. For 6 years, residents asked for these things. Some of the issues on this list are as old as 12 years and still haven’t been done.

1.Eliminate the Mayors total control over the council. Council is the check and balance in the City. They are the check and balance for the administration. Many of us have called the Council a “rubber stamp council.”
2.Up Council productivity. All concepts from council members will be heard and have a role. At the very least be on the agenda for discussion and vote. Not every issue is going to get enough votes to pass, but at least let it get on the agenda.
3.All parts of the City represented equally. Address issues particular to areas of the City. Flood, Blight, Crime, City Services. Putting a rec-center, fire house, and library at the South End of Dearborn Heights doesn’t mean they are treated the same. It shouldn’t matter what area of the City pays more in Taxes. What area of the City has bigger homes, what area in the City comes out and votes more. It’s all one City Dearborn Heights, but each end of this City has its own issues. The South end of Dearborn Heights has been dealing with flooding for 50 years. They have more blight than other areas of the City. Yet they are talked down to at council meetings, yelled at, and ignored time and time again. This has to change. Any council member sitting or newly elected that doesn’t see this will never work for the residents of this City.
4.Communication. Update City Website, utilize social media, redo council chambers, audio, and video system.
5.Make City Accessible ADA compliance. The city should be working with the disabilities commission to make our City ADA compliant. The City buildings are still not in compliance with ADA standards there are no parks that have anything for those children in wheelchairs. Making our City compliant will promote inclusiveness. A City that cares for all of its residents.
6.Fleet Managment and tracking of all city assets. GPS for all vehicles,
electronic tagging for all city assets, updated asset list, logs for vehicle use, sticker control of charge back of vehicle use to water, department.

All Council members do they


I know there is so much more that can be added to this list, but the things added here are what have been asked for by residents for years. So how can all the members of Make A Difference In Dearborn Heights make a difference? Well, Give thought to who you would want to see as council chair and why.

Think about how council members have talked to residents at council meetings.
Identify council members that have given a “damn” to put it bluntly about residents.
Ask yourself if your issues have been addressed by Council

I Care About Council Chair

When you have decided who you would want as council chair and why, start talking with family, neighbors and friends. Explain why the council chair is such an important position. Let them know what we are missing in the City. You can share this post to your own timelines on FB. Use the hashtag in your post about this subject ‪#‎ICareAboutCouncilChair‬ or ‪#‎CouncilChairHasToCare‬Email, Call or write on those council members pages here on FB who you want as council chair and why. Council Chair has to care all council members have to care about all of us. We have from now to January 9th to make sure we are heard on this subject. We can Make A Difference In Dearborn Heights.‪#‎madidh‬

Who’s Going To Sit In The Chair?

owgalaxyhb-cohenyork-galaxy-high-back-chair-blackThe election is over and the residents voted for two new council members and re-elected the other. Ray Muscat, Wassim Abdallah, and Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton. The question is how to move forward and how to make a difference? The very first vote council has to take in January is for council chair. This position carry’s with it much responsibility. Not only does the chair have control over how council meetings are conducted. The chair decides what goes on the council meeting agenda for vote or discussion. Why you ask is this important? Well, if the wrong Council Chair is elected by council this will have a lasting, effect on what is going to get done for the residents.  A chair lets say like Councilwoman Marge Horvath who’s made it clear over the years just how much she doesn’t like technology or care about the residents needs. What do you think will ever make it to the agenda? All of what the Mayor would like to see on it and nothing that the residents who just elected two new council members would want to see. All of us know the need for a contract negotiator to be in the room during the contract negotiations coming in 2016 would Councilwoman Horvath or Councilman Berry even let something like that go on the agenda? Would they want to make a difference? Based on their past history on the council and their voting records I don’t think so.

What about how the meetings are conducted?  Just watch the last council meeting and many before that to get a good look at councilman Berry. Watch how he is yelling and insulting a resident and not for the first time either. I can’t imagine having someone who has on  more than one occasion disrespected other council members. No how could we accept for ourselves either one of these council members as council chair? We do have a say in this as residents, we need a council chair who will make sure that those council members working on behalf of residents issues get a fair shake. We need to make sure that we the residents get a council chair that will approve items to go on the agenda brought by council members that benefit the residents.

We know all to well how good the council is at ignoring us. We know just how much they don’t like to hear from us. At one point, Councilman Berry wanted to ban people what he considered disruptive residents from coming to council meetings. If he’s council chair how long before he will do that? Yes, he wanted to stop people who he considered  disruptive (*anyone with an issue) from attending council meetings.

The new council chair has to be willing to make a difference in Dearborn Heights. Not just do business as usual. We as residents have to do our part to make sure that Council makes a difference. How can we make a difference? You can start right here by leaving a comment. You can go over to the Make A Difference Page On Facebook and join the conversation. You can leave a comment on the newly elected council members pages. Let them know who you would like to see as council chair and why. Leave comments about your past experience with City Council good and bad.  We all have a part to play in this very important decision it doesn’t just effect the Council Chambers and the Meetings held there. This affects our day-to-day lives. How much water rates will go up in the next 2 years? Will the City go back to being open 5 days a week? Will we get more ordinance officers? Will the Council have a Facebook Page? Will there be a newly updated website? Will the City do an E-Newsletter? Will we still get Ping 4 Alerts? The list goes on and on every one of these issues has to make it on an agenda first.

Wissim Abdallah Facebook Page

Ray Muscat Facebook Page

Lisa Hicks-Clayton Facebook Page

Make A Difference Facebook Page

*My words, not his.

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Rain in Dearborn Heights

To all our Dearborn Heights Residents who suffer from flooding:  I heard the rain is coming and hope you all have what you need to avoid the damage and heartbreak.  I hope the rain skips past you.

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Tired Of Being Ignored? Vote November 3rd.

Yep, it’s that time again election season and yes yet again I’m here writing about the importance of getting out and voting. New Blog with what I hope is a new way of doing things. Make a Difference In Dearborn Heights. How? A question I’ve been asking for years with little answers except to say It’s up to us to make that difference. Again How? By getting involved even if that involvement is casting a vote November 3rd for new council members.


you’re asking yourself it makes no difference. My vote doesn’t matter and all the other reasons you might convince yourself why you shouldn’t take the time to go and Vote. Well, let’s take a minute to understand the Why you should vote. The council chair is leaving the council leaving this very important position open. Members of the council vote on who will be the council chair. Not only does the chair control the meetings this person decides what makes it on the agenda for council meetings and study sessions. Most if not all of you that come here to the blog vote and show a great interest and concern for the City and the way the elected officials are doing things. What’s needed is more people to get to the polls and Vote.

We can all sit back and say well it’s not our problem to get people to the polls.

True it’s not unless you want to see a different City. If you want to make a difference in Dearborn Heights. Think about this If the wrong council member is selected as council chair one that doesn’t care about the issues that residents have taken an interest in. How many of those things do you think are going to make it to the council agenda? This election just might be one of the most important elections here in Dearborn Heights and so many of this cities residents are not even aware there’s an election. If you talk with people and I have they all say the same thing the City is so outdated. Well, gee why do you think that is? Could it be that we keep electing a council that is outdated?

People, it’s time for us to make the difference in Dearborn Heights. We do have a voice here in the City even if our voice (those that vote at the polls) are not as large as those who vote absentee. Those elected in the City go after the absentee voter they are the one bloc of voters who vote in every election. They are a bloc of voters that like things the way they are. They are mostly composed of senior voters who want their senior centers/programs. They, for the most part don’t Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Most don’t watch the council meetings on YouTube the majority don’t have smartphones or want one. I’m not saying this is bad what I’m saying is the City of Dearborn Heights is made up of more than just seniors. You wouldn’t know it, by the way the City does things and by the voters who come out and Vote. go_vote

Now we can sit back and complain for another two years about how we need to change things or we can do it NOW. Each and every one of us can make a difference this election make sure that we’ve done all we can to get just one or two people to the poll to vote. Get those younger new family residents to the polls.

I’ve been amazed at the reaction to people my age and younger when I tell them we don’t have a Facebook page or Twitter here in the City. They are shocked some already know the City doesn’t have these things and are upset about it. They don’t understand why the City can’t or will not use these things available to communicate with the residents. Yes, some departments have started their own for those departments.  I think there are two or three departments who have Facebook pages. The council the body of government in the City that should give the most communication with the public has nothing. They don’t have to because the voter they are catering to are not Facebook or Twitter users.

If you don’t want to keep getting ignored by the elected officials in Dearborn Heights then make a difference in Dearborn Heights. Get someone who wouldn’t be voting to the polls to vote. Let’s make sure that what we want isn’t ignored by our elected officials. Let’s make sure our numbers are enough to get our City Council to pay attention to our needs. Do you know any young adults ask them to vote to use their social media to get their age group out there and Vote. Let’s not be ignored any longer. VOTE November 3rd.

Follow our hashtags #makeadifference #madidh on Twitter and Facebook please pass on this information to others. Our group will be setting up a chat on this subject on Facebook in the next week stay tuned for day and time. This will be by invite only if you’re not a member of our group on Facebook please become one now that will be the only way you can know the day and time of the group chat.