Good Thing We Have A City Council That Has Our Backs. Hate To See What Would Happen If They Didn’t.

Taking a look at the adopted budget for 2015-2016 and the actual for 2014-2015 budget interesting. The Deputy Comptroller got a raise 45,000.00 to 50,000.00 (5,000.00) the Director of the Ordinance Department got a nice little raise for himself 44,932.00 to 54,000.00 (9,068.00.) I do not know these people, nor do I say they should or shouldn’t get a raise. I would just like to ask this great administration and this fantastic council ah what are you doing? Is this how you are spending the Headlee Override money that we gave you?

Not only did the deputy comptroller get a raise at one time this position was written out of the budget, brought back within a year of writing it out and now getting a raise. Is this an important position in the City? Yes. Is it necessary to give a raise to this person before we go back to a five day work week? That isn’t for me to decide I don’t sit on the Council. The residents voted to place these seven on City Council to watch over the spending of our tax dollars.

The ordinance department a new department for the City. At one time this department was under another department and only part-timers worked in it. There was and is still a great need for this department and the making of this department was a welcome addition. Former Councilwoman Badalow wanted to do something similar if elected. Her idea was different from this.  I’m sure they are doing a great job I for one am happy to hear about the advancement of technology being used in this department. I would ask this question. How does a department head only two years into the job get such a large raise? While the City is still closed one day a week and we are still giving the City three million in Headlee Override money.

How about that overtime? Well, the Building Maintenance department overtime numbers for 2014-2015 $82,164.00. The DPW overtime numbers for 2014-2015 $131,144.00. How’s that four day work week working out for us? Have one of you sitting on that council even ask for documentation from the administration showing how much money the City saved over these past years of having only a four day work week? I guess a better question would be did the administration even keep track of those numbers?  Did one of you look and compare overtime numbers for a five day work week and a four day work week. Is there even a way in the City to break down those numbers?  Have you all forgotten that the Mayor said over and over again that there is NO OVERTIME! That was part of the deal you Mr. Mayor made with us residents and the Council I see as always you are holding up your end of the agreement. I thank you so much for again showing all of us what a great man you truly are.

I know what some are saying, Kathy why didn’t you bring these things up during budget talks? PLEAZZZZZZZ. As if anything we have to say would make one bit of difference. It’s done now and so be it can’t wait to see what’s going to happen when the union contracts come up next year.


City Council Agenda Packet For June 23, 2015

The agenda packet for the June 23, 2015 city council meeting is on the Truth Page over on Facebook go now and take a look at what your council will be discussing tonight.

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The City Of Dearborn Heights Has This, But You Would Never Know It.

The City Council finally gave the residents a means to get notified other than the traditional methods. Notification for events, weather, road closers, missing persons, and so much more via their cell phones. Then the administration promptly did nothing with it. The administration hasn’t put the fact that the City offers Ping4Alerts on the City’s website. Why would they bother they never wanted it in the first place?  Wondering if the treasure is going to put a reminder in our water or tax bills? Those go to ever house hold just a little reminder letting the residents know that they now have this great tool to use.  Why hasn’t the treasurer used this service to send a Ping to the residents that have signed up for it and let them know water bills are going out. I haven’t seen a Ping from the police department on several road closers that have happened for traffic lights being out. There is road work coming up why isn’t there Pings for that. Why didn’t the recreation department use it for the Spirit Festival?

Has the Mayor, his assistant or executive secretary signed up for this? How many of the Council members are signed up for it? Have all elected officials been given sign in access so they can post updates to Ping? Has the Police and Fire department been given instructions from the administration to post to Ping? Have the council members signed in to give a Ping on the day of their council meetings and study sessions with time and place? Has the head of the recreation department or deputy been given access to post events to Ping4Alerts? What has the administration and elected officials in this City done to promote this great tool? Nothing? Don’t think for one minute that this isn’t being done by design. The administration and council agreed to this to say we did it, but no one signed up. So come next year folks we won’t be getting this back. I dare say that if we ever ask for something else we won’t get that either. They will be able to point to this and say see it failed no one signed up and it was a waste of money.

Folks not only should you sign up now for this and you can go over to Ping4Alerts and find out how. For those that have it start calling and emailing Council members the Mayor and other elected officials in the City and ask them if they use it? Have the downloaded it? Call/email the Fire Chief and Police Chief ask them to start posting to it for emergencies, accidents, road closers, important information for the residents. Ask the Mayor why this isn’t on the main page of the City’s website? Make sure the powers that be understand we want things like this and expect the City to use it.

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Council Meeting Tonight Agenda Packet On Facebook.

Did anyone read the audit report from Plante & Moran I will admit I just started? Some of you might be interested to know that since 2006 corporation council hasn’t asked for a compensation increase.  The number one reason for not asking for one was the financial state of the City. The number one reason for asking for an increase now is “the financial status of the City has improved considerable.”  That’s not in the audit report that’s what’s on the next council meeting up for a vote.

If you are interested in the agenda packet for the City Council meeting tonight 6-9-2015  you will find the downloaded files on the Truth Page on Facebook go on over and take a look.

Why This November Election Is So Important Part Three.

Don’t think there’s anything wrong in Dearborn Heights? Don’t think you need to look at your council members?  Ask yourself if they are doing a good job for you? Think Headlee Override. If you’re wondering how taxes got raised in the City. It’s simple the City ran out of money.  The Mayor kept submitting his budgets and the majority on council kept passing them.  Until the whole thing blew up as if overnight. First the Mayor is giving a state of the City address telling everyone how good the City is. Two weeks later he’s announcing at a council meeting that City doesn’t have money.

Ground work  laid it was time to go to the residents and ask them for more money. Not an easy thing right?  The Headlee Override was the answer to the money problems for the City. Council approved it for the ballot, but the Mayor still needed to sell it to the residents. How did he do that? There’s  one steadfast group of voters in the City. Absentee voters made up of mostly seniors. What’s the first group of people the Mayor scared?  Well, the seniors of course and the council followed right in line. Well, not all there was that one who didn’t, but for those who know this subject you know who she is.  The Mayor and Council told residents the city was going to close the senior centers. Get rid of 50 yes 50 police officers. Then they started talking about the fire department and the cuts made there. If you’re a senior in the City. You’ve just been told that the centers you like so much are going to be shut down. Crime was on the rise then and you are no longer safe.  The fire/rescue that you might need if you have an emergency may be cut. In short people, they scared the pants off the largest block of voters in the city.

How did the administration and council make sure the taxpayer would agree?  They promised cuts. Meetings to track spending and finding new ways to make cuts.  The administration told residents that  department heads would take a 10% cut. Department heads had to work Fridays. Oh did I forget they closed the City one day a week as part of the cuts. They told the residents that there would be NO and I say NO overtime. They said that all city employees would be taking a 10% cut. They got rid of some deputy department heads and some employees. A hiring freeze  the city offered early outs and many took them. The voters agreed to this and the City got the 3 million a year extra to work with. So looks good right everyone making the sacrifice to keep the City afloat. Of course, the Mayor never took responsibility for anything that happened.

Well, let’s look at who took a 10% cut not the police the number is more like 8%. The Union workers took the 10%.  Given one hour a day and made the four-day work week part of their contract. The contract doesn’t open up until 2016. The over time that the Mayor said would never happen it’s never stopped. Department heads that should be working five days a week most do not. Deputy department heads written out of budget. most if not all put back in the budget and position filled. Early outs taken by those employees that qualified to retire. Most are still working for the City. Hiring freeze in the City. That’s gone. There’s been many new hires. Most if not all departments are operating at full staff. The senior centers didn’t close not even for one day.  I’m not saying that the City didn’t have a problem. What I am saying is where is the accountability?

Now the Mayor has his money. The Council keeps on approving those budget no matter how much of a stretch they are. I should point out that there is a council member that does work for the residents. Does ask those questions that the administration doesn’t want to hear. Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton. The one who makes sure that we the residents have a voice at the council table. Even if that voice is alone and it is most of the time.  The Headlee Override vote was an important vote. All residents should have voted on it, but they didn’t. As soon as the City got its money every promise made was soon forgotten. Ask your Council members when if ever did they sit with the administration? As they said they were going to.

This November there are three seats up on the council.  Two of those seats are to re-elect council members Ned Apigian and Lisa Hicks-Clayton. There is one open seat. Who do you want to occupy these seats? Are you going to get out and vote? Are you going to make sure that you have people on the council who are there for you? Are you going to make sure you elect people to that council that can work together? Are you the voter going to remember that you don’t have to just accept things as they are? Are you going to start asking questions to those running for office?  Are you going to just sit on the side and let others make the choice for you?