The Fix Until The Fix Sand Bags, Sump Pumps, and Back Up Preventers.

From Suzanne Todd
To All,
The combination of back up preventer and sump pump is a good fix for people who get flooded basements. However, you need both of them in order to help take the pressure off your weeping tiles or you will most certainly get cracks in your foundation’s weeping tiles from the horrendous amount of pressure that will be put on them during a flood event.  My parents and in-laws found this out the hard way after paying many thousands of dollars to fix the cracked weeping tiles around their foundation.  Also toilets in basements need to be mounted up higher as the water will force itself through basement toilets.  Basement showers need to be plugged when not in use so the water will not be able come up there.  For good measure my parents and in-laws put stand-pipes in all the basement drains.
I feel until the flooding fix is in place for both the Rouge River and Ecorse Creek residents that filed claims for flooded basements, the city should provide the back up valves and sump pumps to these residents; however, there is the cost of installing them that will have to be negotiated.  Personally, I feel that with a city of our small size that can afford to keep two senior centers open should be able to supply the parts and installation for their residents who have suffered for so long with flooding.
The city needs to provide filled sandbags to those residents that had water flowing through their homes so that when the next flood comes they can protect their homes from the overland flooding.  This will not prevent water from coming in their basements so they will also need to be provided with back up preventers and a sump pumps  Again a city that can maintain two senior centers should also provide the installation cost.
Since it will take at least 8-10 years to get the fix in place people affected need to be protected NOW.
Also a boat needs to be kept at both fire stations as having only one boat will mean either the Rouge River residents or the Ecorse Creek Residents will have to be without a boat in the event of a flood – this is unacceptable in the case of medical emergency evacuations.
So here is what is needed for an immediate fix while we wait 8-10 years for a permanent fix.
The city needs to provide:
Back up preventers and sump pumps to ALL residents who filed a  claim.
Pay for the installation of the back flow preventers and sump pumps for ALL residents who filed a claim.
Provide filled sandbags for ALL residents who filed a claim because of overland flooding.
Provide another rescue boat for the city so both the ALL Rouge and Ecorse residents have a medical emergency escape.
Now Mr. Miotke was legal excuse will you have to snuff this suggestion out?Source: Email from Suzanne Todd
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Dearborn Heights YouTube Flood Study Session.

Flood study session Part One 

Flood study session Part Two

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Magazine For Dearborn Heights What A Great Idea.

Dearborn Heights reviewing and under consideration to distribute a quarterly publication, magazine quality, to all Dearborn Heights residents via standard mail.  Currently, residents receive the Dearborn Heights Today publication twice per year.  The cost for graphic design and print averages $15,000 annually.  The new magazine publication potentially all expenses would be covered by the advertisements in the magazine.   More frequent distribution with current news and resources for our residents.  Stay tuned! Source:E-Letter March 26, 2015 Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton.

I think it would be a good Idea to look into publishing this electronically all so there is Flip Magazine and Joomag just imagine all the digital things you could add to this for business that would advertize in this. Links to their Facebook Pages, websites, videos, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or QR Codes. This could be looked at with any device at any time. The possibilities are endless and I think the Council and Administration are on the right track with this. If the option of an electronic magazine was available you could put the City’s Youtube channel there or short clips for important information from a council meeting. Either way I think this is a great idea and hope that it goes forward. Here is one more site for a digital magazine

Public Notice Flood Plain Projects

The first is what the City put in the Press and Guide newspaper on March 18, 2015 the second is what is on the City Website on the Community and Economic Development Department. The law states that the City must post a notice for the public. These money’s are CDBG funds HUD. It’s important to understand there isn’t just one individual responsible for posting notices for the City. When the Clerk, the treasure or for that matter any department head need to post a notice in the papers they go before the council for approval. When they get approval they go ahead and write it up and send it in for publishing.  Why these notices get put on the back page of the  newspaper is something I don’t understand? Why they are not put on the front page of the city’s website not sure. Why isn’t there a clickable link to the plan? Why do I have to go to the liybary to get a copy of it? Shouldn’t there be other ways that we as residents can read this. Like having the plan on the city website on the Community and Economic Development page? 


Public_Notice – 1


FY 2015 Flood Plain Projects Public Notice


Here is what I took a screen shot of and marked up a little using Ever Note. It’s ridiculous in the year 2015 there is not one link to a copy of the proposed DRAFT PY 2015 Flood Plain Investigation. The City would much rather have someone stand making copy’s and then delivering them to the places people can pick them up from. Instead of having a Facebook Page that this could go on with a link or use the City website or both or put something out there on Ping 4 Alerts. Imagine an alert letting the people know. Yes they can use it for that you know along with the fire department and the police department.


Army Corps of Engineers Gets Needed Funds To Move Forward On The Ecorse Creek Project.

Good news for everyone,

Good news received today regarding the needed $300,000 to fund the Army Corps of Engineers Peer Review, required to move to Congress for consideration of appropriations. The $300,000 has been approved and granted. Source: Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton

For those of us that were at the study session on 3-17-2015 we know what great news it is. This money is the money needed by the Army Corps of Engineers to complete the next step for the Ecorse Creek project. This is very good news considering at the study session the attorney read us an email that he received at 5pm that evening and was told that they had gotten $100,000.00 out of the $300,000.00 needed to complete the next step. By Thursday, the whole $300,000.00 is available to go ahead this is just one of many steps.

It’s Important To Know Who The Players Are.

I received an email today and a response from a resident I found the information contained in both important and very interesting.

The first email is from Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton,

Truly, the Tuesday, March 17th City Council meeting was of great value, providing information, insight,  and answered many questions.  In addition, it created an opportunity for open dialogue and critical thinking.  Thank you, everyone!
The questions were raised and warrant additional follow up, including the documenting  discharges of tributaries, i.e  Butler Drain (Banner and Amherst).  Indeed, a good question- Why do we get Taylor’s sewage?  Wayne County oversight?
In closing, the active pursuit and lobby effort for federal funding will be imperative.   On Wednesday, March 18, 2015, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments Legislative Platform Task Force reviewed the Platform Policy for 2015/ 2016.  I serve on this task force.  Yesterday, I stressed the importance for seeking a legislation solution to fund stormwater system construction, improvements, and operations.  Wayne County Commissioner Ray Bashem was very supportive, as we eagerly seek funding for the Ecorse Creek project and other municipal grant funding opportunities.  SEMCOG has included this issue to the legislative platform for support,  lobbying efforts for stormwater management and seeking increased grant funding for improving municipal wastewater treatment and water supply.
It will take all of our efforts to bring forth an active and effective lobby  campaign.  Local elected officials, county, state and federal must work together.  Our residents’ stories, experiences, photos, and videos are hugely important- we are all lobbyist for our community on this important issue. Improving quality of life for our residents must be a top priority.
Lisa Hicks-Clayton
Dearborn Heights City Council Member
The response in from Troy Brown South Dearborn Heights who has along with others been uncovering a lot of information about the Ecorse Creek and its flooding.
As always Lisa, thank you for your tireless effort on our behalf.  I just wanted to point out that the overcapacity of the NBECD is not a “county” oversight. Also note that Ray has a large interest because it is Taylor which is the largest contributor to the overcapacity of the NBECD and that is by “hidden” design as the facts that Suzanne and I have uncovered, assembled and continue to present to who ever will listen. The county and even Wade Trim ( Wade Trim Hq is in Taylor) are very knowledgeable of these facts.
We will see how many friends we have when the administration files a motion in court, to stop ALL entities from dumping non permitted Cso, Rtb And detention waters into any and all tributaries or pipes or sewers that have a outfall to the NBECD. Once our city does this, funding for fixing this problem will  never be a issue again. In fact I am certain that our biggest supporters for funding will be the county Commisioner that represents Taylor and the county drain Commisioner ( as you know the county commissioner is Chair of ecpad and Ray is on the board and ecpad dumped 7.2 million gallons of raw sewage on 8/11 and they can do it again without warning).  We must mitigate this until a fix is in place.
Let’s press on!
Troy Brown – South Dearborn Heights Resident.
I think it’s important for the City to know who each and every one of the people who are involved in this. What positions of government agencies they hold past and present. What boards if any they sit on past and present. Have they held positions in City, County, or State government.  We all have to lobby for this what we want to make sure of is that we are lobbying the right people. We don’t want any lobbying efforts to fall on deaf ears.
I’m in no way saying that the people involved in this will not work with the City to find a solution nor am I saying that they don’t have the whole region’s best interest at heart. The City and the residents of it can’t afford to waste any more time lobbying people that can’t or won’t work for the best interest of Dearborn Heights. It’s in that spirit that I bring this to all of our attention.