We Care.

We Care

You can show you care by taking a picture of yourself (selfie) and tag that with #keepour911 post it to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Let’s show the Dearborn Heights City Council ‘We Care’ and we want to keep our 911.

Thoughts On 911 Dispatch Outsourcing Meeting.

911 pic with fire policeWhere do I begin? Last night 7-19-2016, meeting about the 911 dispatch outsourcing to the City of Dearborn. The consultant from Dearborn was there to ‘sell’ their product. I say that because that is what they are selling a product that product is 911 dispatch we the City of Dearborn Heights are the customer. So the sell job was all about the savings $243,000.00 a year that savings, as the Mayor said will be going to give the employees their 10% pay cuts back.-from what I hear the chief of police has gotten his 10% already.-Now if you Mr. Mayor can’t give those employees their money back without having to outsource our 911 dispatch then you have some explaining to do. That’s first, second why are we talking about giving their money back before we have the discussion about going back to having our City open five days a week?

The consultant talked about making sure that the money would be available for updating equipment in the future. So we (the City) wouldn’t have to worry about doing that anymore. As it turns out the Mayor hasn’t been doing that. Something we all got to find out thanks to resident Lisa Farrens who asked the question. Councilman Ray Muscat pointed out that  in some cases equipment cost in the millions and savings for each year is over a hundred thousand  a year x 5 years giving around seven hundred thousand not enough to pay for the equipment. Well, the sales rep from Dearborn Said, of course, we wouldn’t be paying for equipment all at once. Sorry to ask this, but one piece of equipment not several is over a million dollars and according to what was said the equipment is outdated after five years.

The contract is for five years so after five years there wouldn’t be enough money to replace the million dollar piece of equipment. The way I see it either that wouldn’t be replaced at five years or they (Dearborn) will be coming to us with hat in hand selling us again on why they need more money to replace the outdated equipment.

Just in time for the contract to expire

and for them (the City of Dearborn) to raise the price. With no exit strategy something else we found out last night we would be at the mercy of the City of Dearborn. Knowing the history of how the City of Dearborn manhandles projects and the wasting of hundreds of millions of dollars ie the CSO project, parking structures on the west end of Dearborn, the civic center, and the new administration building to name a few. With this record, the City of Dearborn Heights must think a million times before they put our lives in their hands.911 dispatch Dearborn Heights

The consultant of Dearborn when asked can we sign up for this at any time if we decided not to sign up with you now? Yes even in three years we can still get on board.  Only one City has to sign up for this although it will affect the cost if all do not. As stated all they need is one City now they have two for sure the City of Inkster and Garden City. I say go ahead with these two City’s who don’t have dispatch operators and don’t have equipment that you need. Let’s sit back see how this goes for those two communities and if after three years or two years we still want to do this we can. Our equipment is good for another two-three years before it’s outdated.

It’s important to understand that the equipment that the Police IT was talking about has to be replaced ill regardless of us moving to Dearborn or not. (more on that in a later post)

It’s going to be up to the City Council to vote yes or no on this it’s up to each of us to make sure we know just what is happening here. We need to keep up to date on all the facts. Have all the numbers and each of us has to make sure we let our council members know how we feel about this. The most important question I will ask does this Make A Difference for the better in our City? #madindh #makeadifference