Why Is Mayor Dan Paletko Trying To Put A Muzzle On Council Members We Elected?

For or Against buying the Golf Course however you are thinking about the subject one thing I think or hope is that it should be done in the public eye. That isn’t what Mayor Dan Paletko wants using his corporation counsel he has drafted a letter to have the Golf Course issue discussed at an April 25th City Council meeting not in public no. He is using the Closed Session as a muzzle to ensure that council members aren’t able to discuss where the money is going to come from with the very people who are going to pay for it. Us.  There are two places he could get the money from if he isn’t paying for it personally. 1. The over captured CSO Funds, or 2. The slush/water fund either one of those are taxpayers money our money.

He’s going to put this subject behind closed doors where the council only at that time will be given the paperwork and told where the money is coming from. Then go out to the regular council meeting 30 minutes later and vote yes or no. There are several members of the council who are objecting to this I, however, would ask them to do more stand up for us. Don’t vote don’t go to the closed session tell Council Chair that you are protesting this action by the Mayor. He has done this before and will do it again this is the new way the Mayor has found a way to make sure that those we elected to the City Council will not share information with those who elected them. I ask Councilmen Abdallah, Muscat, Berry, and Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton to make sure we the resident who are paying for this have a say.

The Mayor Just Can’t Make Up His Mind On What He Want’s To Do With The Golf Course.

Last night at the Caroline Kennedy Library there was a meeting held by a group of people who are working to save Hines Park. The Mayor Councilmen Muscat, Abdallah, and Constan along with Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton and Wayne County Commissioner Diane Webb were in attendance. You can watch the meeting thanks to Deb Brown who was there and did live Facebook. I watched in disgust and anger as our Mayor Double Dipping Dan did nothing, but spew lie after lie. It would be funny if this was some kind of comedy show on television, but it’s not.

The Mayor has taken so many positions on this all behind closed except one the face and position he put’s out to the public. The public position of the Mayor is ‘I’m going to save this land.’ Sure you are Mr. Mayor I would ask that those who confirmed what the Mayor said to the Crestwood School Board come forward and tell the public what you were told. Tell them what he wants to do with the land. Call him what he is because what he said on 4-18-2017 wasn’t the reason he was at the Crestwood School Board. No, he was there to let them know that he wants to make a New City Hall on that site and move all departments there and sell Canfield Center. This has been confirmed by three school board members who were in the room. #wedeservebetter



A Little Respect Is Called For Here.

On April 4th, 2017 the City Council of Dearborn Heights was set to have the Mayor of Dearborn come for a special study session at 4:00 pm to present the 911 dispatch outsourcing contract. The time was set to accommodate the Mayor of Dearborn, not the residents of the City of Dearborn Heights and not our City Council. That meeting never happened the Mayor of Dearborn canceled the meeting the day before. This set into motion a scramble all over social media to get the word out because residents had taken work off in advance of this meeting so they would be able to attend the study session.

The Mayor of Dearborn and Dearborn Heights might like to know that in case you’ve forgotten that we do have council members that have day jobs. These council members had to clear their schedules to accommodate you maybe in your City it’s alright to treat people with such little respect and yes I’m sure you’ve been watching our very own Mayor treat his residents and council members as the ugly step-child for years. You might have gotten the impression that it would be okay for you Mr. Mayor John B. “Jack” O’Reilly, Jr. of Dearborn that you could do this. Need I remind you that you are now the Vendor you are coming to us to sell us something. Need I remind the council that they shouldn’t  be accommodating to such a blatant slap in the face.

While our Mayor has had this contract from the City of Dearborn since January and has said that he’s sent it to corporation counsel for review. Dearborn Heights City Council Members have yet to see the contract. A study session that was set for 4-4-2017 and the administration nor the City of Dearborn thought it would be a good idea to send them a copy of this contract so they might get a look at what they were going to be having this study session about in the first place. Maybe the council would have gotten a copy of the contract at the meeting, but nothing is for sure when it comes to this subject now is it. Who would have thought that a Mayor of a City would hold back a contract from council members for four months? Well in Dearborn Heights that can happen and has.

Instead the meeting was canceled and still, no contract was given to the public or Dearborn Heights Council Members. I say this to our City Council rescind the letter of intent. Yes, one of you that voted yes for this letter has to bring it back to the council table to vote to rescind. Stand up for us and stand up for yourselves stop letting yourselves be treated like a bunch of chumps. If you aren’t mad yet you should be this is unacceptable there is no way to spin this. Mr. Mayor you won’t be able to mumble and stumble your way through a speech at the council table to make this alright.  I say #rescindtheLOI maybe the Mayor of this City is alright with looking weak, but I don’t expect my City Council to look that way too.

I think we are more than ‘Door Matt’s’ for our Mayor and the Mayor of Dearborn. At least I would hope so I know I’m not into letting anyone take a big dump on me and then just walk away. Not sure about the rest of you, but that’s how I feel just like someone took a big dump and walked off.