When You Make A Difference With Your Vote.

When all you hear from people is “my vote doesn’t matter” it does matter and it did matter and it made all the difference. Your vote and the effort of a group of dedicated individuals coming together changed the way we all see our vote on a very real and local level.

This was the reaction of those that worked so hard on the Yes To Crestwood School Committee Tuesday Night when they found out that all the hard work paid off. This group of individuals decided months ago that they wanted to make a difference in their school district and try again to pass a bond.  Kathy Meredith-Gurtowsky tried 10 years ago and wasn’t sure if she wanted to try again.

10 years ago I was on a committee to help pass a bond, we tried 3 times and it failed each time. When I was asked to sit on the committee this time, I honestly was not sure if I wanted to go through that again, but I am so glad I did! This

Maybe this is why she was worried about trying this again the numbers posted by State Senator David Knezek on Facebook Wednesday.

I am inordinately happy about the passage of yesterday’s Crestwood School District bond. I’m happier with this vote than the two votes that sent me to the Michigan House of Representatives and the Michigan Senate. Seriously.


Let’s take a look at the numbers of the previous ballot proposals:


Yes – 1,693 – 41%
No – 2,357 – 59%


Yes – 3,982 – 41%
No – 5,745 – 59%


Yes – 1,027 – 28%
No – 2,672 – 72%


Yes – 965 – 26%
No – 2,736 – 74%


Yes – 960 – 26%
No – 2,741 – 74%


Yes – 1,629 – 51%
No – 1,542 – 49%

There hasn’t been a bond passed in the Crestwood School District for 49 years. Not since the first bond to build the schools has the district seen this amount of money to fix the long overdue repairs/upgrades needed I watched this group of people for months work so hard and put together an effort to make sure the children going to the schools in the Crestwood School District were going to get what they deserved. The putting up of signs, town hall meetings (many town hall meetings) at each school in the Crestwood district, mailings, door to door walking. Radio shows, Robocalls, social media posting, video, pictures and the sharing of it all on individual Facebook Pages. All this hard work is what got the voters out on election day.

I hope with the success of this and the win this past November of two new council members people will understand that their vote does count it does make a difference.  Maybe some of our elected officials here in Dearborn Heights don’t listen to us when we go to council meetings and have our say there. Maybe they don’t read our emails, they might not go to a Facebook page and read what their residents are saying. One thing they will listen to is our vote when they get voted out of office. Just ask Ned Apigian who was voted out this past November.


Changing 911 Dispatch Will This Make A Difference?

At the last City Council meeting for the City of Dearborn Heights the Mayor sent a letter to the Council asking for their approval to sign a letter of intent. This letter of intent was to inform the City of Dearborn that the City of Dearborn Heights would be interested in moving control of our 911 dispatch for police and fire to the City of Dearborn. This is the letter the Mayor put on the agenda for Council members.

letter of intent for 911

Having watched this Mayor operate for years don’t be fooled this is much more then a letter of intent. The Mayor want’s to move and this is just the first step in which he is making that move. Doing so very quietly while the rest of us are sleeping not knowing a thing. To read the full proposal and I think all of us should just mosey on over. 

This is a snippet at what saving (wink,wink) the City or so they are saying would realise.

911 dispatch dearborn

Oh, and did I mention we are gong to be sharing this great, fantastic, wonderful service with 7 other city’s. What are Dearborns response times compared to ours? Now for those of you who have been coming here for all these years you know how much I like technology. You all know how much I want to see this City use advanced technology. This, however, isn’t a website needing improvements or asking the City to use social media to communicate with the residents. This isn’t an app that I would love the City to make. This is life and death we are talking about. While our Mayor has been talking with the Mayor of Dearborn for two years what has the council heard in those two years? When if ever was the Mayor going to ask the residents what they think of this. How does the Fire Department and Police Department feel about this? Where are all the studies showing how this will shave off time to respond to a call? The price given is only if all the City’s sign up if even one doesn’t the price goes up. This is something that we need to watch

The next council meetings are on Tuesday, May 10th and May 24th at city hall at 8pm.

I would ask everyone to show up, but what for? No one ever does so go or not that’s up to you. Same thing applies to writing to council members and the Mayor your concerns do or don’t again up to you.

Dan Paletko Mayor of Dearborn Heights
Phone: (313) 791-3490
Email: dpaletko@ci.dearborn-heights.mi.us

Dave Abdallah Council Person (newly elected)
Phone: 313-855-5843
Email: davecitycouncil@gmail.com

Lisa Hicks-Clayton Council Person
Phone: (313)-348-9848
Email: hicksclayton4dhcitycouncil@yahoo.com

Ray Muscat Council Person (newly elected)
Phone: (313) 730-0038
Email: rmuscatdhcc@gmail.com

Bob Constan (Dearborn Heights Council Chairperson)
Phone: (313) 292-6500 or (734) 374-1930
Email: rkconstan@comcast.net

Marge Horvath Dearborn Heights Pro Tem Chairperson)
Phone: 313-277-1645
Email: nonna1936@att.net

Joseph Kosinski Council Person
Phone: 313-274-4138
Email: kzggy@aol.com

Tom Berry Council Person
No phone number listed on council page
Email: cctomberry@yahoo.com

I don’t know if this will make a difference in the City or not one thing is for sure more information needs to be looked at by all Council members before they vote on this. Residents need to have a say if they want to and I think the Council and Mayor should listen to what residents have to say on the matter.