Thanks For Voting What Happened To The Rest Of You?

Well, it’s on to November and the general election those who made it through the primary election congratulations. Well, congratulations to everyone except Double Dipping Dan Paletko and Councilman Berry who asked people not to vote for him because he’s resigned from the Council. I’m sure it must be very frustrating for Councilman Berry who now because he received enough votes his name will appear on the ballot for November. Guess we are all going to have to work even harder to get the word out there to make sure voters know not to vote for Tom Berry. As for Double Dipping Dan well one can dream, right? My dream was he wouldn’t make it through the primary I know laughable. Lisa Hicks-Clayton will be going head to head with Dan in the general that brings me to this.

Do the residents of Dearborn Heights really want change? Do you really? I’m not sure anymore looking at voter turn out and how dismal that turn out was it’s hard to believe residents want change. Numbers don’t lie well they don’t unless you are talking about a budget from Dan. These are the voter numbers.



Look at the precinct you voted in you might be asking yourself well where was everyone else at on election day? Voter turn out on the south end was good compared to other election years. Is it enough to get a Mayor that is going to work with those who live on the south end to tackle the issues you face? NO. If you want a Mayor that won’t ignore you as if you are not even a part of the City. You are going to have to turn out the vote. Over and over again I’ve seen residents on the south end of Dearborn Heights say they’re tired of being ignored by the Mayor. I get it, but the numbers don’t reflect the anger I’ve been reading for years. Just the fact that this Mayor took from the taxpayers over 3 million dollars in overcharged CSO money should drive people to the polls to vote him out. It didn’t we all need to work harder. North, South, East, West where ever you live in Dearborn Heights it’s all Dearborn Heights. Ask yourself did you do enough to get people to the polls. I know the candidates did they walked and walked and walked. They sent out literature they held events what will it take to get more people to the polls to vote?

When You Want To Take A Shot Don’t Shoot Yourself In The Foot.

At the last City Council meeting  7-25-2016 the Mayor took his best but I’m sure not his last shot at the one person he fears can take away his kingdom. Just what did our glorious leader attack is rival on? The fact that she’s a renter. Laughable considering the Mayor himself rented for years before he inherited the house he now lives in from his mother. This display is just another pathetic attempt by the Mayor to try to stop the momentum of Lisa Hicks-Clayton. When you have to criticise someone for doing the very same thing you did for years you are desperate and it shows. What does it matter if you live in a rented home or not? Property taxes are still collected for that property.

When the Mayor ran the first time shortly after winning his bid for office he filled for divorce he bought furniture and moved out to his new rental home on Mayburn. He lived there without anyone saying a damn word about it for years. It’s called life and these things happen in life. If anything Mr. Mayor you showed with your little display the other night just how worried you are. All the posed photos in the world standing and looking as if you are in charge are meaningless when you have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to come up with this kind of attack. You must be in trouble what happened Mr. Mayor? Those poll numbers not what you expected them to be? Mr. Mayor people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Rash Of Car Break-Ins Plaguing Dearborn Heights.

Dearborn Heights Police say this has been going on for two months. For the full story Click Here

While speeding in my area is a problem and I do appreciate the police sitting off John Daily to catch speeders. I would love to see the same effort given to this problem. Maybe if we had a Mayor in office that hasn’t turned our courts and our police department into a revenue generating department our property wouldn’t be at risk. It’s true catching thieves doesn’t generate revenue for the City and those traffic tickets are a large portion of his budget, but at what cost to us?

Above is from the 2017-2018 adopted budget to see the whole budget click here