Rash Of Car Break-Ins Plaguing Dearborn Heights.

Dearborn Heights Police say this has been going on for two months. For the full story Click Here

While speeding in my area is a problem and I do appreciate the police sitting off John Daily to catch speeders. I would love to see the same effort given to this problem. Maybe if we had a Mayor in office that hasn’t turned our courts and our police department into a revenue generating department our property wouldn’t be at risk. It’s true catching thieves doesn’t generate revenue for the City and those traffic tickets are a large portion of his budget, but at what cost to us?

Above is from the 2017-2018 adopted budget to see the whole budget click here



What’s Your Excuse For Not Voting This Year?

Vote Dearborn HeightsThis election is one of the most important in all the years I’ve lived in Dearborn Heights. We as residents are very lucky this year to have such a rich field of candidates. We’ve been asking for years why people don’t run well this year many heard us and decided to put their names on the ballot. The very least we can do the very least is vote for them. This BS of sitting at home on election day just doesn’t cut it. You can’t go over to Facebook and howl at the moon over on the pages there about how bad things are in Dearborn Heights and then not vote.

We as residents have an obligation to our City to take it back we have an obligation to put up or shut the hell up once and for all. I want all of you who are reading this to ask yourself when was the last time you voted? I’m not talking the presidential election I’m asking you when was the last time you voted in a local election if ever? So many dont’ take the time and then wonder why things aren’t different in Dearborn Heights? Things aren’t changing in Dearborn Heights because many sit at home and don’t bother to get out and vote. Could these candidates use your help? Yes they sure could. I’m sure all of them could use people walking on their behalf, standing at polls on election day. How many of you have signed up to help one or more of them. Don’t have the time then Vote on election day. Go to one of the many events that some of the candidates are having. Listen to what they want to do for us how they want to change the City hell I’d be happy if they just brought the City to the 21st century it’s as if Dearborn Heights was left behind.

It has been left behind and will stay that way if we want to re-elect a man like Paletko who doesn’t want to advance our City. Why would he we keep electing him and the same people that didn’t have us the resident as their first priority. The leaders we keep electing to office lack vision for the city they’ve been happy keeping our city in the 90’s and there it stopped. This time however those that served the City are stepping aside and giving room for others to take the City where it should be. This time there is no excuse to not vote if you want a different City than Vote! If you are tired of being ignored then Vote! If you think we deserve better than what we’ve had then Vote!

Those who have been coming here from the start know where I stand when it comes to the Mayor just in case you are new

I can’t stand the Man.

I all so have made no bones about

supporting Lisa Hicks-Clayton for Mayor.

If you don’t know who is running for Mayor they are,

Double Dipping Dan Paletko if you don’t know why I call him this please look at past post.

Ed Garcia

Lisa Hicks-Clayton

Running for City Council are,

Ali Almuna (I could not find anything on this candidate)

Ned Apigian

(who has sent out literature and put up signs in violation of election law 168.944) He is not on the council now he lost his seat on the council in 2015.

Mo Baydoun

(Who is having a meet and greet at Swapka Park on Sunday July 23rd from 12-2:30)

Bill Bazzi 

Jeff Mallad


Denise Maxwell

Larry Mitchell

Lisa Oshanski

Tom Wencel

Lisa Hicks-Clayton has an event

Several of City Council Candidates will be there all so.

Okay I’ve had my say not the first time on this subject and I’m sure it won’t be the last time until November.


Just Say No To Ned Apigian Is Back.

I’m sorry folks but it’s true he’s back and running for City Council.

Running and according to Michigan Election Law is breaking the law. What’s a little law breaking in Dearborn Heights? #justsaynotoned is using his signs from his last run that say Re-Elect that’s a NO Ned take down your signs. There has been a call made to the Wayne County Clerk by those who are following up on this.