Why This November Election Is So Important Part Two.

For those who don’t think there are any issues in the City of Dearborn Heights. I would ask you how long do you have for me to sit down with you and talk?

City owned vehicles and the use of them in your City the Mayor, City department heads, Chief of Police, Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, DPW workers (not all of them) and for years the assistant to the Mayor took home City owned vehicles. This administration gives out cars to his department heads like they are candy.  Paid for by taxpayer money with little or no oversight we pay for insurance, maintenance, and fuel.  The Council finally tried to do something about this a few years back and voted to take all cars away. The Mayor yelled told them they were overstepping and micro-managing. His assistant who for years drove a city-owned car didn’t even own a car. She for a time refused to park the car even after the council passed a resolution that said she had to. She told the news media she would park it when the Mayor told her to. She has parked the car no longer taking it home at night for some time now, however, for all the department heads that had cars taken away the majority got them back.

The DPW department has several workers who take trucks home at night. One of them was covering the truck insignia on the side of the truck with a magnet for their own company. Used the City owned vehicle to do his own work a resident saw this and reported it to some council members. It was resolved, but the lack of oversight allowed this to happen in the first place. The head of the CEDD has a leased car that he drives home every day to Livonia. His car was taken away until he came before the council and told them that CDBG grant funds pay for this car and the Mayor pointed out to council that his having a car was part of his package at the City. Former Councilwoman Badalow contacted the powers that be for this grant and discovered that a vehicle can’t be paid for from the grant money’s. Did anything happen to this department head? No. Does he still have his car? Yes. The head of the building department got his care back. The Deputy Fire Chief had his truck taken away that department went to arbitration over the issue and the fire department won. He gets to take his car home every night one hour away from here.

Councilman Berry put together a fuel study and tried to get the vehicle’s fuel consumption monitored with fuel cards for each vehicle. That went down in flames. Former Councilwoman Badalow tried to bring to the council tracking devices for each City-owned vehicle in her cell phone initiative. That was never even opened up for discussion because the Mayor simply took away cell phone stipends for City employees. He did that as soon as she opened the subject up because the tracking devices were part of the package for a very small fee for each car. Not one council member said to themselves I’d like to hear about these tracking devices. There is no computer data for the use of these cars. Who’s taking them and where there’s not even a  paper and pen for them to sign out a car. There is simply no one watching… With a simple device put on each car and access given to Council members these City-owned taxpayer paid for cars could be and should be monitored.  This includes the Mayor’s car he’s not above anyone if he is going to get a brand new leased car I think we have a right to know when and where he’s going in that car. After all, it’s not suppose to be used for personal trips.

Council can sit and discuss fence ordinances, garbage ordinances, want to bring a City service day and on and on putting restrictions on us. When are they going to put the same restrictions on the administration?  I understand all of these ordinances are to keep the City looking it’s best I get it. When, however, are they going to spend as much time monitoring the waste of our money?  Just in fuel consumption alone I’m sure if the vehicles were tracked for usage there would be savings. If someone is using one of these cars for personal use and putting miles and using fuel that has to be accounted for. Just the fact that a car is taken for City business and may be used for some other reason isn’t that something that shouldn’t be allowed, but who’s watching? Not the majority of us for sure and the administration and council know that so why would they bother. The few of us that have brought this issue (many times) over the years are never listened too. The ones that did try to bring something to the Council had no support.

You are now asking yourself what does this have to do with the election? Well…if all those years ago there were council members that supported one another and worked with each other we might have gotten some of these things. As all of you know “one hand can’t wash its self.” How do we expect anything to change  if we keep electing the same people that don’t work with each other to get anything done? Right now, you have some on City Council who won’t work with other council members because they don’t like them on a personal level. They could have the best ideas in the world, but because they don’t like that person they will vote whatever they are trying to do down. If you’re happy with the council the way it is then vote to keep it the way it is. If you would like to see a new way of doing things in the City then please take a look and the candidates that are running for City council.

Why This November Election Is So Important Part One.

If you haven’t voted in any other local election make this November the one you Vote in.

This November the City of Dearborn Heights has a local election. There are three seats on the Council up, one of those seats is going to be a vacant seat the other two are to re-elect council members Lisa Hicks-Clayton (whom I would say needs to stay) and Ned Apigian (whom I feel needs to go.) The biggest bloc of voters in the City of Dearborn Heights are the AV’s (absentee voters) the majority of those voters are seniors. Past election numbers show that they decide who gets elected in Dearborn Heights. They vote while the majority of voters sit at home many not even knowing that there is an election. Yes, this election is important, but how many residents know just how important? Many don’t know who their Council members are most of the residents in the City have no idea there are issues here. Until they have a problem that is. Then they as did I start to ask questions.

We have the opportunity to get some people at that table that can work together for the residents to finally get some of the things we have been asking for. For years, we’ve watched council members that have the best interest of the residents work alone. Former councilwoman Janet Badalow is one of them. Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton who now sits on the council is another. Both these women have tried without support from their fellow council members to bring more transparency and communication with the residents. Based on what I’ve seen so far from two of the candidates running and what their platforms are I think the residents of Dearborn Heights have a chance. I say chance  because over the years we really haven’t had chance to have our needs addressed. Time and time again we’ve asked for the same things over and over many I’ve written about here and time and time again we are denied. Denied because we have a City Council that is out of touch or just doesn’t care about what the residents want. It’s bad enough to have an administration that could careless put a City Council that feels the same way and us residents don’t stand a chance.

Council Chair Ken Barron is leaving the council this November your vote can help decide who will be voting on a new council chair. Council Chair isn’t picked on the highest vote getter in the election, but rather by the council members themselves. Based on what I’ve seen over the years I shudder at the thought of certain council members getting to the position of Council Chair. The council chair decides what gets put on the agenda to start with. If you have a council chair that doesn’t believe in the advancement of technology or the advancement in communicating with the public then it’s possible that those issues, if a council person wanted to bring those issues to the table would never make it there. It would be an absolute nightmare if the wrong council person was voted in as Council Chair. What if a council member who always supports the Mayor was picked as the council chair? There could be the potential for the Mayor to simply pick up the phone and say I don’t want this put on the agenda and that person might be inclined to do as the Mayor asks.  I know many reading this might say oh there she goes again, but those of you who want to know the truth of things in this City, Really  want to know the truth should be able to see this as something that is possible. In the City of Dearborn Heights with this administration and Council, history tells us this is so.

Just Say No To Ned Part Four, We Have Options.

November 3, 2015 you can Just Say No To Councilman Apigian you have options. Ray Muscat, Troy Brown, Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton and Wissim Abdallah are all running for Dearborn Heights City Council. We don’t have to settle for Councilman Ned Apigian we have for the past five years. Please go to the other candidates on Facebook get to know them.

Here’s the links to some of the candidates Facebook Pages please like and share.

Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton

Ray Muscat

Troy Brown

I don’t have a Facebook Page for the other candidates if anyone knows of one for their candidacy please leave it in the comment section.

To see a video of Councilman Ned Apigian in action for just the first two months of 2015 click  Just say no to Ned.



I’m Not A Supporter

I’m NOT a supporter of Councilman Ned Apigian I’ve never been a supporter of the Councilman and Never Will Be. The Reason I’m not is evident if you just watch the Dearborn Heights City Council Meetings on Youtube.

Just in case anyone was wondering I wanted to make it as clear as possible.  The series of post titled Just Say No To Ned will continue. Any chance that I can take to inform the residents of Dearborn Heights about the Councilman I will take. If you want to call that bashing feel free if you support the Councilman you are free to make a case for him in the comments section.  As always #justsaynotoNed

Just Eat The Food.

This week was employee appreciation week at City Hall and at the Council meeting Tuesday awards were given out to those who have spent years with the City. At City Hall this week for three days there was some kind of food served for the employees. One day there was breakfast another day a lunch and yet another day snacks. Nice thing to do right? The Human Resource department put this together I’m sure with the permission of the Mayor. While many employees at City Hall were enjoying being recognized for their hard work so was Councilman Apigian. The Councilman had no problem showing up to eat the food, and that’s fine I’m sure some of the Council members went to City Hall to partake in the recognition of these wonderful employees. Councilman Apigian, however, just couldn’t eat the food everyday and enjoy that. No he had to go and complain that this food was paid for and the employees of the City get paid a salary. Well doesn’t the Councilman get paid? So what was he doing there eating the food?

Councilman Ned Apigian just can’t help himself he has to make even the nicest of things bad. He has to belittle the hard work of the City employees he just has to say something. Is Councilman Ned Apigian implying that they get a salary that’s ‘thanks’ enough? That’s the message I get from his rude and totally unacceptable comments. What’s wrong Councilman are you not appreciated enough? Do you feel left out?  When you were eating that food was that what was running through your brain? Gosh I better point out to everyone that I’m the only one that noticed that they get a salary. You should know Councilman you made many people angry over at City Hall with those comments you get the award for PUT FOOT IN MOUTH. Congratulations Councilman Apigian you’re appreciated to for making an Ass of yourself we appreciate how well you can do that.  #justsaynotoNed

Just Say No To Ned Part Three.

You might think that Councilman Ned Apigian cares about the residents of Dearborn Heights, you just might change your mind.

When I was running for City Council and so was Ned Apigian I was standing at the Caroline Kennedy Library handing out campaign literature to voters before they went in to vote. A white car pulls up next to me I bent over to see who was inside. It was Ned Apigian in his friend’s car. His friend was driving him around according to him they wanted to take a look at what was going on. He asked me what I was doing I told him well I’m handing out campaign literature to the voters. He said, “how dumb what a waste of time I would never bother with that.” I was a little-taken aback by the comment and thought at first he was just joking around with me. I asked him what polls he had been to? He said all of them, but I’m not handing out anything it’s not worth my time.

My daughter, who heard the whole conversation looked at me after he left and said are you kidding me? Who does he think he is? If he doesn’t like the people why is he even running? We talked some more about it, but his attitude stuck with me I was worried the whole rest of the day and into the evening waiting for the results to come in. I kept thinking about his comments and his all around attitude towards the voters. His attitude was one of everyone being beneath him and of course he was going to win without having to do anything. He did win and he didn’t do anything and from what I’m seeing, after all, these years of him being on the Council he hasn’t done anything since getting elected.

There was another time when he was walking into City Hall, there was a large group of people standing outside waiting to get into City Hall before a council meeting. I don’t know of one council member who would have walked right past the group of people without stopping to at least say hello. He didn’t say anything to anyone, not a question, not a “how are you doing” nothing. It was as if he was too good to stop and take the time with the residents that he represents. Councilman Ned Apigian doesn’t represent the residents he represents himself.  It’s time to “Just Say No To Ned” as residents we don’t need people sitting on a chair at the council table that feel they are entitled to be there. Getting elected to Dearborn Heights City Council isn’t an entitlement it’s an honor. The residents put you in a position to make a difference in their life here in the City.