Oh Say Can You See.

These few words ‘Oh Say Can You See’ we learn from the time we are little children we sing them with pride because those words are about us the United States Of America. We take pride in calling ourselves ‘Americans’ we all hold our heads up a little bit higher when we say “I’m an American.”  Yet many sit on the sidelines come election day.  Being an American isn’t just about learning the national anthem it’s participating in the one thing we should hold dear to our hearts. Voting. Where is the pride in this privilege?  We all have pride in the country we call home but where is that pride come any given election day?  Where is the pride in  casting your vote? Why do so many take so little pride in voting?

Oh I’ve heard all the excuses I care to hear over the years I don’t want to hear any more of them.  We all want to take what this country has to offer to us, but we don’t want to take pride in how those things are given to us. We want to have all the freedoms this country has to offer, but we don’t want to participate in one of the most important freedoms this country gives us. Our right to Vote. Not just voting on a Federal level I’m talking about voting on the local level. The local election of your council, Mayor, school board, State Reps.

These small off year elections are as important if not more to our day to day lives,

yet we stay home and take no pride in the fact we are Americans. Many decide to let the few who do go out and vote make the decision for us. These few decide who they are going to send to Lansing and those who are voted into office decide how much they are going to take away from us or how much to give. The few decide who is going to sit on school boards those people, in turn, decide what they will or will not do for our children in those schools. Those who take no pride in voting let the few make the decision on who is going to run your City and how they are going to spend your tax dollars. Those words ‘OH SAY CAN YOU SEE’ yes can you see?

Maybe ‘I see’ because I lived seven years in a country where I saw rigged elections and what happens to a country when there is a rigged election. Maybe because I witnessed first hand how people suffered by these fictional elections. Maybe ‘I see’ because I lived in a country that it’s citizens didn’t have the same rights that we as Americans do. This might be the reason I take so much pride in our right to Vote. I don’t know if that’s the case what I do know is we shouldn’t have to go live outside of this country to understand all the wonderful things it has to offer us.  As Americans, we have not only the right and the privilege to vote we have an obligation to do so. 

If you’re not registered to Vote get registered if you registered to vote then do so in all the elections in this City. Council elections, election, for the Mayor, State rep, school board elections, City clerk. Each and every election held in our City take pride in the fact you can Vote.

Crestwood School District Residents.

Vote Yes May 3rd fb cover



Here is what Senator David Knezek sent out to voters.

Senator David Knezek

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Are You A Good Neighbor?

Being a good neighbor these days is more than just minding your own business. It’s more than just live and let live no being a good neighbor these days is keeping your property clean. When you keep your property clean and free of debris you are being a good neighbor. When you go out to your yard and pick up your dog poop you are being a good neighbor. When you stack your wood off the ground you are being a good neighbor. A good neighbor puts their trash in the trash can with a lid. A good neighbor makes sure they aren’t leaving anything for rats to eat outside.

When you have one bad neighbor this can have an effect on all the good neighbors around them. Think about it one unkempt backyard can have an effect on four clean organized well-kept properties. Just think of the two homes on either side of such a property and the two homes in back of such a property. Would you like to go out and have to look at that? That’s if you can see it, maybe you don’t see it because there is a privacy fence. What you as a good neighbor might have to put up with because of this one neighbor who doesn’t keep up their property just might be ‘rats’.

The Dearborn Heights 48125 East Facebook page came up with this,

Dear Neighbor,

This is just a friendly notice about taking back our community from the severe rat infestation that is going on in Dearborn Heights. While the problems of rats will never be eradicated we can definitely reduce their numbers by reducing their food source and where they live. In the spirit of cooperation, working together can greatly reduce this problem. Below are some tips that can send these rodents packing.

*Rats love eating dog poop. Clean up the poop from your yard on a daily basis.
*Keep your lawn cut short as rats love to nest in tall grass and weeds.
*Trim bushes and shrubs.
*Do not feed the squirrels or birds as this draws rats to your house.
*Do not use birdfeeders as rats will be attracted to the seeds that fall on the ground.
*Remove piles of leaves, branches and various other debris that provide nesting areas for rats.
*Put garbage in cans with tight-fitting lids.
*Rinse out all food containers before putting them in your recycle bin.
*Do not store dog food or other foodstuffs outside.
*If you own fruit trees, clean the dropped fruit from the ground on a daily basis.
*Remove sources of standing water (this also helps with mosquito control).
*Wood piles should be elevated at least 18 inches and away from houses and garages.
*Use enclosed containers for composting.

Please feel free to copy, paste and print to send to your neighbors being a good neighbor not something that is hard to do. Asking a ‘not so good’ neighbor to clean up their property shouldn’t be hard either. If you feel you can’t go it alone you might like to ask for help from other neighbors or the ordinance department. The South West Dearborn Heights Neighborhood Association at their last meeting came up with this idea for reporting ordinance violations. This came about because of the he said she said situation. To read more about that you can visit the DHE Page. 

For any ordinance complaint, not just for rats; those who have a computer should – DO NOT USE the Ordinance Department’s online form found on the city’s website. Instead, email Jack McIntyre directly with your concern or complaint and CC council persons Abdallah, Hicks-Clayton and Muscat. That way a record of your complaint is witnessed by three other people. Their emails are listed below:

Jack McIntyre (Ordinance Director):

Council Person Dave Abdallah:

Council Person Lisa Hicks-Clayton:

Council Person Ray Muscat:

If you do not have a computer, ask a relative or friend to send the message for you. If you have to call, make sure you take down the date, time and person you talked with and let one of the above council members know this information.

Make a Difference in Dearborn Heights, #madidh

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